e3 2009: Nintendo Channel Interview

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A quick interview with Tomm Hulett during e3 about Silent Hill Shattered Memories.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories Awarded with Best Game of e3 2009 in 411mania.com first Annual Awards

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In 411mania.com awarded Silent Hill Shattered Memories with their Best Wii game at e3 2009 in their First Annual Awards.

411 Best of e3 2009 Awards

“This re-imagining of the original classic once again lets us play as Harry Mason. While the game is a departure from the series we are used to. Players can do little more than shove off the monsters and run. The game gets intense, because these guys don’t let up. The choices you make can also affect the game as a whole. Nothing was specified, but according to Konami, playing the game one way could make Cybil a hard-nosed, tough as nails cop, while playing another could make her the “sexy” cop with the top of her shirt unbuttoned. The game could actually be a bit unsettling if played alone. It is definitely one of the Wii games to keep an eye on.”

Silent Hill wins Gamespot’s e3 Editor’s Choice for BEST WII GAME

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The e3 awards for Silent Hill Shattered Memories keep rolling it!


Gamespot.com Editors’ Choice Awards


Best Wii Game: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

The Wii isn’t just about minigame compilations and fitness routines. There was an impressive showing of Wii games this year at E3, and though they ranged from family-friendly to mature, the game that stood out the most was the reimagining of the original Silent Hill. Changing up the gameplay so that all you’re armed with is a trusty flashlight, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories made us remember how creepy the game was the first time around and reminded us that it’s possible to get your heart rate to go up without a Wii Balance Board.

Shattered Memories takes on a different approach to its story and gameplay, giving those who have played the original game a reason to reprise the role of Harry Mason as he searches for his daughter. Instead of requiring you to fend off the supernatural inhabitants of Silent Hill with makeshift weapons, the game is clearly creating the freakiest and most uncomfortable setting possible.

Even though we haven’t had a chance to sit down (in a dark room with no distractions) and get some true alone time with Shattered Memories, we found that we couldn’t tear ourselves away from this frightening world. Running from your pursuers and struggling to survive becomes an intense battle with your nerves, especially since the game has no combat. The experience at E3 left us wanting more, and we hope to return to the nightmarish town of Silent Hill as soon as possible.

Other Finalists

*Dead Space Extraction (WII)
*Muramasa: The Demon Blade (WII)
*New Super Mario Bros. Wii (WII)
*Wii Sports Resort (WII)


Silent Hill Shattered Memories was also a Finalist in Gamespot.com’s Best of Show and Best Adventure Game

Silent Hill Shattered Memories one of Gamepro’s top 27 Games at e3 2009

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GamePro’s E3 2009 Awards: The 27 Best Games

Silent Hill Shattered Memories was one of Gamepro’s selection of the top 27 Games at e3 2009. They seemed very intrigued by how the game can alters on your choices in the initial pysch questionare and decisions made in the game

“We got our hands on this Wii exclusive next installment in Konami’s bloodcurdling horror franchise and we have to say we’re quite impressed by what we saw. The game is far more than just a remake of the original as Shattered Memories big draw is its psyche profile you build for your character as you progress in the game. The first thing you do in a game is fill out a questionnaire, answering questions like “do you enjoy role-playing during sex” and “do you often relax with a drink.” This is just one of many ways the game is able to mold the game based on the decisions you make in the game. How you change the game ranges from small things like obtaining different objects to bigger things like actually encountering different characters. For instance, when you meet Cybil, the female cop from the original, she’ll either appear as a sexy cop with her shirt opened up a bit, or a swat-type hardass, or a more down to earth small town cop.”

Silent Hill wins IGN’s e3: Game of Show, Best Adventure Game and Best Graphics Technology

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You could say Silent Hill sweeped e3! It was one of most talked about games 🙂


IGN.com Best of e3 Awards


Best Graphics Technology
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
Release date: Fall 2009

There are few games on Wii where we do a double-take to make sure it’s running on Nintendo’s hardware, but Shattered Memories joins Conduit on that list. Everything from the real-time morphing of the city, the subtle reflections on jackets and windows, the eerie snow fall and of course the flashlight technology just seems to work, and it pushes the console to its limits. And when things go to hell the look back camera, animation interruption system, and object tossing is there to pull you in even deeper.


* Red Steel 2
* Gladiator A.D.
* Dead Space Extraction
* The Grinder

Best Adventure Game
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
Release date: Fall 2009

Silent Hill rides the fence between action and adventure, but when players that hit up Shattered Memories on the show floor were being pulled in by a 15 minute demo with no combat, almost no enemies at all, and instead immersed themselves in a world that is constantly being built and morphed based on their in-game decisions we ruled it more adventure overall. From taking psychological tests to photographing ghosts, this one is a chilling experience that will pull you in quick.


* Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers
* Fragile

Wii Game Of The Show
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
Release date: Fall 2009

This year’s E3 brought over a dozen awesome experiences to Nintendo’s console, and without one full-on standout title it came down to a pretty serious duel not just for the winning spot, but also for nominations. The real face-off came with Silent Hill and Red Steel 2, but the amazing use of tech pushed Silent Hill over the edge just barely. Everything from the psych profile to the morphing world, the amazing branching paths, the sense of helplessness, and of course the horror moments made Shattered Memories the top contender at this year’s E3. There were dozens of great games for Wii at E3 – many of which make up an insane back half of 2009 – but Konami’s ground-up reimagining of the Silent Hill series froze us in our tracks.


* Dead Space Extraction
* Wii Sports Resort
* The Grinder
* Red Steel 2

Silent Hill: Shattered Memorie’s One of G4’s X-Play’s Best Wii Game of e3 2009

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X-Play’s Best of E3 2009

In G4’s Recap of e3 2009 they named Silent Hill Shattered Memories as a nominee for “Best Wii Game.” The “Best” title went to Muramasa: The Demon Blade but it’s still cool Silent Hill was nominated!

Overall they felt the game “worked on many levels” and “perfectly designed for the hardware” and liked the removal of game combat which they felt was a negative in  the last two SH games. They look forward to the functions with the remote and hopes the game will give the series the revamp it “desperately needs.”

e3 Trailer

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Wow when did Dahlia Gillespie get young and hot, eh? I’m sure they are messing with us yet again with a weird character design. I just hope I get to see some version of her in her wacky red striped tie!


I'm Dahlia...duh!

my tie is so bad ass!

my tie is so bad ass!


e3 2009 : Silent Hill Shattered Memories PSP Gameplay

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Shattered Memories PSP gameplay video from IGN.com. Looking good!

e3 2009 City Streets Gameplay (cam)

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e3 Walkthrough

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Now this is awesome! It’s a three-part walkthrough of the demo shown at e3 from IGN. I think it’s looking great!