I’ve been a fan of the Silent Hill series since playing the original way back in 1999. Through the years my love for the series hasn’t waned and have found something to like about every new incarnation.

The original game has always been my favorite so when I heard the announcement of the re-imagining in April 2009 I was definitely intrigued and couldn’t wait to revisit Harry’s trek through Silent Hill. The thought of seeing my own version of Silent Hill based on psychological profiling and and my own game play was terribly exciting as well.

Back in August with the the game’s original October release date fast approaching I was surprised that there wasn’t a site made dedicated to Shattered Memories. Sure all the websites dedicated to the entire Silent Hill series had some of the big news and screens but there was nothing like the fan run silenthillorigins.com or silenthill5.net which, in anticipation of Silent Hill Origins’ and Silent Hill Homecoming’s releases, were a central hub for the latest news, game information and screens. Unfortunately neither of these sites are still around. I figured since I’m already scouring the web for any new information anyway why don’t I compile it all and take a stab at making my own fan site? So Always On My Mind was started in early September 2009 with the hopes of providing the most complete and up to date coverage on Silent Hill: Shattered Memories!

At e3 2010 a NEW Silent Hill game, Silent Hill: Downpour, was announced! I had so much fun gathering info on Shattered Memories last year that I decided to expand Always on My Mind to include Downpour info. With my site expanding I decided to go with a brand new look and title: Silent Hill Historical Society.

Why Silent Hill Historical Society? Well, I’m pretty fond of the name since it’s an actual museum in Silent Hill 2 and I thought it would be a more appropriate theme and title since the site now covers more than Shattered Memories!

If you have any questions of comments about the site don’t hesitate to email me at contact@shshatteredmemories.com

Version 1 – Always on My Mind

The Details…

  • Site opened September 8, 2009
  • shshatteredmemories.com domain registration and hosting purchased from Godaddy.com August 30, 2009.
  • The site’s name comes from the song title, Always On My Mind, of the vocal track featured in the E3 2009 trailer for the game. It’s a famous American country music song originally recorded by Brenda Lee but its cover by Elvis Presley is more widely recognized. Akira Yamaoka chose to do a cover of such a classic because he felt would tie in perfectly to the whole “re-magining” idea behind the game.
  • On November 6th, 2009 Always On My Mind and Letter from Silent Heaven combined their seperate fledgling Silent Hill forums into the much cooler Silent Hill Community
  • The site design and content (with exception to the forums all the praise goes to Ratiocinator) were all designed and coded by me (Whitney) and runs thanks to the totally awesome WordPress publishing platform incorporating several plug-ins made by others more code savvy then I!

Version 2 – Silent Hill Historical Society

The Details…

  • shshatteredmemories.com domain registration purchased from Godaddy.com June, 16 2010.
  • New version of the site unveiled June 23, 2010
  • The site’s new name comes from the museum found in Silent Hill 2. I figured since my site was expanding to cover more games a museum theme would be more appropriate!
Version 3 – Silent Hill Historical Society (Expanded)

The Details…

  • New version of the site unveiled March 21, 2011
  • Layout graphics improved
  • Site’s content to extended to the entire Silent Hill Universe: Games, Movies, Comics
Version 4 – Silent Hill Historical Society 3.0

The Details…

  • Current version of the site since July 11, 2013
  • Layout graphics, site navigation, and content organization improved
  • Added new sections to highlight interviews, review, previews and the podcast.
Big thanks to…

  • Amy “nur_ein_tier”: From the very awesome AlchemillaHospital.net for being a great partner in uncovering all the voice mail, text and phone number message variants! You game texture rips contributed much to my site’s design!
  • Cj Melendez “Arsenic13”: From Rely on Horror for giving me heads up on news items, participating on the podcast and being such a great friend. This site would not have grown as much as it has without your continued support!
  • Konami: For this great series of games!
  • knw|ss: From the very awesome Silent Hill Memories for not only providing me with high quality SH:SM ending videos but also being a great partner in uncovering all the voice mail and text message variants!
  • John “Ratiocinator”: For creating the awesome Silent Hill Community and for being a great friend. Your Letter From Silent Heaven website was such a big inspiration and your continued support for my own website is greatly appreciated.
  • Austin “MonkeyX” and Destiny: Thanks for the great times on the Silent Hill Experienced Podcast and being such great friends! The experience gave me the confidence to start a podcast for SHHS.
  • Sarah Chavis: For answering my coding and various database questions, editing my reviews/previews, helping me cover press events, participating in my podcast and being an awesome sister!
  • Tomm Hulett and Devin Shatsky: For giving a small fan site like mine some very awesome exclusives, taking the time to answer my questions, and being such nice guys!
  • Toymunkey Studios: Thank you for taking the time to talk to a fan and answer all my questions regarding the Silent Hill line of merchandise!
  • Vixx: For giving me the confidence to start my own Silent Hill game website and for being such a great friend. It was through helping you complete of several sections on the Silent Hill Heaven website that I gained confidence in my own writing and game research abilities was which allowed me to take the chance on this website.
  • … and of course all the fans of the site, your continued support is very appreciated!

    You guys ROCK!