Silent Hill (2006) (Ultimate Box Limited Edition) (DVD + Blu-ray) (JPN)

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The Japanese DVD and Blu-ray release of Silent Hill. The box set includes the main feature, 2 bonus discs with an hour making-of footage and an hour comparison between the movie and game series by the Konami staff, a Blu-ray disc with the original contents of discs one, movie trailers, and Path of Darkness making of feature. I really wish they released something like this in America.

Silent Hill Guide of Chaotic Town: A book with movie and game information. It’s in Japanese but based on the photos and limited English I think it contains:

Strategy for Silent Hill 1-3: how to get the different endings and riddle solutions

World of the Game Silent Hill: Overall description of Silent Hill 1-3, how the games work, character relations, creature index, item, weapon and save points

World of the Movie Silent Hill: Character and story information and a section called “Contrast” which I think compares the game and movie but I’m not sure.

Disc 1 – The movie on DVD

Disc 2 – Special Features DVD with:

Path of Darkness: behind the scenes Making of Silent Hill feature that’s also on the American release

Stars On the Set: Silent Hill 15 minute “Making of” shown on Starz with interviews with the cast, producers and director.

TrailersSilent Hill movie trailers and commercial spots

Disc 3 – The Truth of Silent Hill DVD: A Japan only release with:

Silent Hill Town Map: An interactive Silent Hill town map. Clicking on the various locales plays a scene from the movie at that location

Original Game: Game overview of Silent Hill 1 and 2, character relations, story, etc. Also contains videos of the Opening movies and Blooper Reel ending from Silent Hill 1 and opening movie from Silent Hill 2

Game Vs. Movie: features side by side game and movie scene comparison, game and movie character comparison and game and movie creature comparison.

Interview: Interview with Akira Yamaoka about the game and movie all in Japanese.

Additional Products: Silent Hill Origins Tokyo Game Show trailer, Silent Hill Cage of Cradle Digital Comic Preview, Silent Hill Novel (1 & 2) trailer, and Silent Hill 3 trailer

Disc 4Blu-ray version (1080p) of the movie, “Path of Darkness” feature, and movie trailers.