Silent Hill (2006) Official Tourism Map Prop (US/CAN)

[table class= “table table-striped” th=”0″] Format:, Screen Used Movie Prop
Released:, 2005
Publisher:, Davis Films
Region:, US/Canada
Catalog Number:, N/A
Purchased:, 2014
Where:, Fellow Collector
Quantity/Condition:, 1 USED
Autograph(s):, N/A


Shortly after the movie was released Premiere Props auctioned off a load of “screen used” props from the movie. Several “Official Silent Hill Tourism Maps” were some of the props up for sale. Inside featured a map of Silent Hill on one side & West Virginia map on the other as well as descriptions of fun activities to do in Silent Hill during the 70’s.

This prop wasn’t perused in the movie but apparently can seen in the background at some point…personally I haven’t been able to find a clear shot of it but others who own one of the other maps say a bunch can be seen in in the interior of Smitty’s Restaurant at Brahams Gas where Rose finds out Chris cut off the credit cards.

The scene is question. Too blurry to tell for sure in my opinion…

However Wil from Silent Hill Paradise says this map can been seen in a photo taken of a deleted scene in the movie!

The map!

Hey Whitney here is an image that may help. It’s taken from the deleted scene where Rose and Cybil break into a store to find a map. You can see the map in the small stand right in front of Cybil.


You can actually see the map in Rose’s hand when she and Cybil run into the Grand Hotel and meet Anna! I spotted the map when I was re watching the movie 🙂

I got to say for something not really perused the in the movie a lot of details went into this little prop. I love how the activities listed mention real locations found in the games (sadly Lakeside Amusement Park is missing) and it’s cool to finally see the layout of the movie verse Silent Hill. It’s pretty creepy how the church is not only in the the dead center of the town but the major roads surrounding it looks eerily similar to the symbol of The Brethren’s faith spotted in various locations in the movie!

To see my scans of the entire map head over to Silent Hill Historical Society