Ads and Merchandise

Since Deadly Premonition is a budget title it did not get a lot of merchandise or marketing. Below is what little I’ve found for the game in terms of advertisements or official merchandise. If anyone knows of anymore please shoot me an email!

United States of America

Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of US merchandise or marketing since this was only a budget game. Considering how well it’s done here I say the word of mouth marketing was great for Deadly Premonition!

US Promotional Poster

A US Deadly Premonition retail poster with the cover art and US released date! I believe this is the poster that was mentioned as a prize in Destructoid’s FK in the Coffee Contest

Facebook Ads

Here in the US, Deadly Premonition’s marketing was mainly word of mouth but there were several some digital banner advertisements used on the official Facebook page.

Game Developer Magazine

After the game reached cult status in the US Game Developer Magazine published a Deadly Premonition Post Mortem by SWERY and the Access Games Staff in August 2010! It’s a great read for any Deadly Premonition fan!

By SWERY and the staff of Access Games

Access Games’ Deadly Premonition had a long and difficult development period that was beset by technical problems. The game was dragged from the precipice of cancellation several times and ultimately persevered to become an underground hit. In this candid postmortem, the staff of Access Games describes how a passionate commitment to their game saw them through the production’s highs and many lows.

A digital copy is available to from the GDM store for only $3.95.


Unlike the USA Europe had some nifty Deadly Premonition promotional items!

Rising Star’s Press Promo

To gear up for the European release Rising Star Games sent the gaming press some Greenvale Gherkins along with a copy of the game to review! I thought it was a pretty pretty sweet promotional gift and what makes Greenvale Gherkins special is rather…interesting.

A big thanks to Edward Duff for scanning the special FBI letter that came with the Gherkins and Planet Redwood for the photos!

Greenvale Quality Gherkins

Admist the backdrop of soaring mountains which go on for miles, you will find the best produce grown this side of the Atlantic.

Greenvale is regarded as the most fertile landscape in the USA. Soil rich in minerals which produce such a great distinctive taste.

The secret comes from the vast amount of sunlight; sunlight caressing the dead bodies decomposing in the nearby spring. The rotting carcases come in a variety of flavours from Redneck Chewing Tobacco Spit to Boarder Crossing Latino Jalapeno. The pickle is also good for warding off evil. All bodies are dumped courtesy of the mysterious and mythical Raincoat Killer.

All of our products have the Greenvale Quality stamp of approval. If not, there will be a hint of the person in charge floating in your next purchase. FK

Xbox Live Gamer Pics (Europe Only)

Following the Deadly Premonition European Rising Star Games released a series of gamer pics of some of the major players from the game. Each picture pack features five pictures that can be used on your Xbox 360 profile and cost only 80 Microsoft Points. I these packs were available in the US! I so want a York gamer pic!

Picture Pack #1: Francis York Morgan, Anna Graham, Harry Stewart, Ushah Johnson, and Isaach Ingram

Picture Pack #2: Emily Wyatt, Becky Ames, Michael Tillotson, Quint Dunn and Isaiah Ingram

Picture Pack #3: George Woodman, Diane Ames, Nick Cormack, and Richard Dunn


I haven’t been able to find a lot relating to Red Seeds profile outside of the games themselves in Japan, which is surprising since it is a Japanese game! I would have thought since it retailed near $80 there would have been more marketing.

Japanese Retail Poster

A retail poster for Red Seeds Profile with some screen shots of the game, price, release date and story information.