Deadly Premonition Characters

During York’s visit in Greenvale he will meet a cast of color characters! Below are pictures and information on each person York meets during the Greenvale investigation.

Complete Character List (alpha by first)

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WARNING There are game spoilers below! Some deal with inconsequential info learned from a game Side Missions while others are MAJOR game ending spoilers. The major ones have been place under under spoiler tags! View at your own risk.

Anna Graham

Occupation: High School Student and Part Time Waitress at A&G

Age: 18

A sweet, beautiful girl lovingly referred to as a “classic airhead.” Anna had dreams of moving to the city to pursue a modeling career. Before her death she lived with her widowed mother, Sallie, and worked closely with Olivia Cormak at the A&G diner as a waitress.

Anna was eager to enter the real world but unfortunately those dreams were tragically cut short as she was the first Raincoat Killer victim. Her body was discovered strung up on a tree by the Ingram twins and their grandfather, Jim Green, while they took a morning stroll through the Greenvale forest. It’s been suggested that Anna’s naivety of the real world is what ultimately contributed to her untimely death.

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As it turns out Anna wasn’t quite as innocent as she seemed. In her eagerness to experience the real world she, along with her best friend Becky Ames, were lured into joining a secret S&M club run by George Woodman beneath the Galaxy of Terror. George later brought Anna to the old and abandoned lumber mill with the promise of a good time and brutally sacrificed her in a ritual to gain power and immortality.

Becky Ames

Occupation: High School Student and Part Time Clerk at the Milk Barn

Age: 18

This young lady seems to have it all, looks, money and the good looking Quint Dunn head overs heels for her. With things going so well it’s not surprising that the death of her best friend Anna Graham hit Becky terribly hard. When Agent York arrives in town she has sequestered herself in her stately home with no signs of ever leaving.

But there seems to be more than just grief keeping her locked away from her friends. What is Becky so afraid of? Does it have to do with Anna’s murderer?

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Turns out Becky did have a legitimate fear, but even her self imposed lock down from the rest of the town couldn’t save her from being George Woodman’s second victim.

Not only was Becky lured into joining George Woodman’s secret S&M club beneath the Galaxy of Terror, she also got caught up in selling some sort of red seed based drug and used her boyfriend Quint Dunn as the club’s drug runner.

Sadly, even though Agent Morgan found Becky alive shortly after her attack George silenced her before she could finger him as her killer.

Carol MacLaine

Occupation: Owns the Galaxy of Terror bar and lounge and sings there

Age: 20

This songbird, who despite being under aged, is the sole owner and singer of the popular Galaxy of Terror. Carol spends her nights singing to patrons while her older brother, Thomas, works behind the bar. She’s not the friendliest of people and has a quick temper but even she was affected by Anna’s sudden death despite her protests to York of being close with her. She must of had some fond feelings for the girl or she wouldn’t be scouring the Greenvale forest looking for a blurry candid photo of the two together.

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Carol became George Woodman’s fourth victim in a secret room behind one of the cells in the police station shortly after her brother’s death. Like Thomas she loved George deeply and set up the S&M club to please him.

While dying in Emily’s arms she asked for her brother whom Emily shot only hours before. In a fit of anger over her brothers death, and jealousy over George’s love, she shoved red seeds down Emily’s mouth in an attempt to kill her.

Brian “The Insomiac”

Occupation: Graveyard Keeper

Age: 35

Brian is quite a strange fellow who prefers the retro look of yesteryear and more often then not found in the Greenvale cemetery. For reasons unknown he is unable to sleep but it may be just a side effect of his position as grave keeper in Greenvale.

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There are several hints that Brian may not actually be alive. If you complete Side Quest No. 49 – Seven Bones you’ll see that the bones you returned belongs to a Brian X who lived from 1921-1956. Considering how anxious Brian was to have the bones returned, his inability to ever leave the graveyard, the dilapidated state of his home (Side Quest No. 50 – Ghost House Treasure) and his retro style of dress are clear indications the man is a ghost.

Additionally in the Japanese/Korean DP manual there’s a Greevale newspaper clipping used as decoration on page 22 that implies that Brian “The Insomiac” was a victim of an hit and run accident outside of the graveyard!

Diane Ames

Occupation: Curator and Owner of Muses Gallery

Age: 29

Becky’s older sister Diane is just like the paintings in her gallery is the picture of elegance and known around town for wearing stilettos and leaving a trail of broken hearts in her wake.

When not enjoying the company of men she is often drinking and discussing art with Nick Cormac over at the Galaxy of Terror during the evenings. She’s also a regular visitor to the Great Deer Yard Hotel sharing lunch/dinner and daily conversations with Polly Oxford the owner.

The exclusive tree subject matter in her art gallery may seem a bit odd but it relates to her childhood dream of living in the forest. Since the now grown Diane loves wearing tight dresses and high heels forest living really isn’t pratical but she made it a reality, in a way, with her tree themed art gallery.

Even though Diane was out of town when Anna was murdered she may still have a connection with her killer.

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Like Anna and Becky, Diane was a part of George’s harem in the secret S&M club beneath the Galaxy of Terror. Shortly after her younger sisters death she became George Woodman’s third victim in his bid to gain immortality and power from the red seeds.

Emily Wyatt

Occupation: Greenvale Sheriff Deputy

Age: 26

This pretty young deputy is one bright spot for Agent York in this whole dismal Greenvale murder case. Her golden hair, bright blue eyes and quick wit she elicits a strange warm feeling of nostalgia inside for York when in her presence…even though she seems not to like him quite the same way in return.

Unlike many of Greenvale’s residents, Emily moved to town from the big city while she was still in high school. She had a little trouble fitting in at first due to her wild looks but surprised many however when she chose a career in the local law enforcement. Even now years later Emily still has the perspective of an outsider looking in on Greenvale’s history and traditions.

Emily had a very close relationship with her mother but sadly lost her just before high school graduation only shares a strained and distant relationship with her stockbroker father who lives back in the city.

Emily may look heavenly but the same can’t be said for the lady’s cooking which is categorized as being “not for two legged animals.” That’s not to say she’s not trying to improve proved by the remains of various charred meal attempts littering her kitchen daily.

Eager to crack the murder case, Emily is more willing than George to put up with Agent York’s peculiar investigation methods and often ends up as a mediator between the two.

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Anna’s murder signaled the beginning of the end of the life as Emily knew in Greenvale. As the body count rose she learned the true nature of those she once held in high regard.

Emily was blissfully unaware of George’s obsession for her since her arrivial to town all those years ago and as a result was blindsided by a jealous Thomas’ hatred and resentment revealed during his pyschotic break. During their final confrontation in the clocktower Emily was forced to shoot her beloved colleague in self defense and later became the last victim of the Red Seed killer, Forrest Kasyen.

Emily died in Francis Zach Morgan’s arms, the true personality of our FBI Agent and the man she came came in their short time together to love. With Zach’s second personality, York, by her side Emily joined the rest of the George’s victims as a goddess of the Greenvale forest.

Fiona “Freckles”

Occupation: Greenvale Hospital Receptionist

Age: Unknown but seems to be in her 20’s

This friendly freckled red head is often found with her nose in a book behind the receptionist desk at the Greenvale Hospital. She has a great love for a good story and not so secretly pines for Dr. Ushah Johnson, doing whatever she can to catch his eye.

Forrest Kaysen

Occupation: Red Tree Sapling Salesman

Age: Unknown appears to be 40 -50

A traveling red tree sapling salesman who was out of town when Anna was murdered but returned to Greenvale shortly after and stayed in the Grand Deer Hotel with Agent York. He’s a jolly fellow who has been coming around Greenvale once or twice a year for vacation with his dog Willie for awhile now. The folks around town are fond of them and Kaysen spends a lot of his time chatting with Polly or hanging with the Ingram twins. Recently separated from his wife he also one of many men who enjoys spending quality time with Diane Ames.

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“FK” in the coffeeForrest Kaysen is who York’s coffee tried to warn him about. George Woodman may have been the man behind the recent string of Greenvale murders but it’s Kaysen who’s the red seed killer York’s been tracking across the country.

Kaysen isn’t human and that’s really the only thing we know for sure about him…besides his love for to causing humans pain and misery. He’s an ‘Agent of the Red Tree’ who’s sole existence is to spread the Red Tree’s seeds and evil around the world. We aren’t told whether this Red Tree is demonic or extraterrestrial but it’s safe to assume it’s pure evil.

Kaysen has been the catalyst behind each terrible event in Greenvale town history, including the release of the mysterious toxins that created the original Raincoat killer in the 1950’s and more recently convinced George to go on his Greenvale murder spree. But Kaysen’s evil was by no means limited only to the small town of Greenvale. Undercover as a traveling sapling salesman Kaysen spread the evil of the Red Tree far across the United States.

The evil Kaysen has spread hits close to home with Agent Morgan, though York doesn’t realize right away. He is responsible for both mentally and physically scarring a young Francis Zach Morgan who watched a red tree Kaysen planted within his mother kill her and provoke his father into committing suicide. Witnessing the death of her parents along with the physical blow Kaysen gave Zach across the face triggered Zach’s second personality, York, and retreat of the Zach personality.

This direct tie to Zach’s past is what made Kaysen’s utter and complete defeat in their final showdown on the town clock tower solid justice.

George Woodman

Occupation: Greenvale Sheriff

Age: 42

“The Monarch,” as York likes to call him is the trustworthy but stern sheriff of Greenvale. He’s not happy with the FBI presence in his murder investigation and even less thrilled with the York’s peculiar investigation methods.

George however cares deeply for Greenvale and like the rest of the residents is floored that Anna’s grisly murder has occurred under his watchful eyes.

But despite their initial friction George does come respect Agent Morgan’s skills and even seems to warm up to the man.

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…Or so York thinks after the George’s heartfelt confession his abusive childhood over beers at the Galaxy of Terror.

But like many serial killers before him, George learned to hide his true colors well. He fooled not only Agent Morgan but the rest of Greenvale until it was much too late.

His mother’s abuse left not only physical scars on his face and back but mental scars as well, turning George into a very power hungry man as an adult. Even though he had the undying love from the MacLaine siblings as well as the respect from the entire town as Greenvale’s Sheriff George still desired more in life.

This distaste with small town life started shortly after Emily Wyatt moved to Greenvale years ago with her parents. George was awestruck by Emily’s beauty and her big city attitude and fashion. Seeing this “goddess from the city” is what made him realized he deserved more than what Greenvale had to offer.

George was so smitten that he asked Emily, who was still just a high school student, out right away. With the 20 year age gap between them it’s not surprising that Emily refused. Even now years later it’s not enough for him that he has her friendship and deep respect he’s completely fixated on having her to himself.

George’s initial admiration has taken a dark turn over the years twisting into an unhealthy obsession. His basement is an Emily shrine decorated with items she used or touched with his copious notes and photos of her lining the walls. George satisfied his lust with the MacLaine siblings and counted down the days until Emily would finally be his.

George discovered the unique power of the red tree seeds when he was unable to kill a group of deer who grazed around the red trees. He though they were some sort of zombie at first but saw that their immortality was due to a belly full of red tree seeds. Intrigued George talked to Kaysen, the red tree sampling salesman, about his discovery and learned that the seeds could bring divinity. Kaysen bestowed a red tree locket and told George he was special, the “Chosen One” meant to use the red seed power.

George learned the details of the red seed ritual for this ultimate power and immortality from Thomas. It’s unknown how Thomas found this information out himself but it’s possible he stumbled upon it while organizing the Sheriff Department file room. It’s also a safe bet that Kaysen, the evil agent of the Red Tree, somehow planted this information for Thomas to find.

George was convinced that the years of his mother’s abuse and Emily’s rejection were only trials to prepare him for his true destiny of ultimate power. He past abuse ingrained the logic that it’s the right of the powerful to take what they want and rule over the weak. The red seeds guaranteed George that sort of power and once he had his immortality and full control of the town Emily would surely fall into his arms.

This desire for control and for Emily made it easy for Kaysen to convince George to go forward with the female sacrifices that were a part of the red seeds immortality ritual. Kaysen however only believed George was a fool and used his desires as a way to spread the Red Tree’s evil influence throughout the town.

George’s overconfidence in his own importance and the red seeds in the end lead to his downfall. He not only lost the girl but his life to the very FBI agent he couldn’t stand.

“Rosy Lips” Gina

Occupation: Gas Station Attendant

Age: Unknown but looks to be in her late 20’s early 30’s

Gina (The Rose) runs the Heaven and Hell Gas Station with her husband Jack “The Raging Bull.” Isn’t into discussing “complicated stuff” but believes her other “assets” makes up for what she may lack upstairs. She’s quite popular around town and many men flock to the gas station when Jack’s away just to watch Gina “wash” their cars or pump their gas.

Harry Stewart

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Age: 73

This wheelchair bond old eccentric owns most of Greenvale thanks to his father starting lumber industry boom in the town many years ago. He is never seen without a gas mask and only talks to others through his aide Michael Tillotson.

Harry seems to know a great deal about the darker aspects of Greenvale’s history but will only share what he knows with Agent York when the time is right.

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As it turns out Harry knows quite a bit about the start of Greenvale’s problems. He witnessed the town wide massacre in triggered by a mysterious purple gas released by the US the military (and unknown to him, Kaysen) into the town back in the 1950’s.

Harry watched as his father, who later is referred to as the legendary Raincoat Killer, and other Greenvale citizens slaughtered one another in a blind rage and almost lost his life and his sanity himself that night.

With knowledge that it was a toxic gas caused the Greenvale massacre in the 50’s Harry never goes into public without his custom made gas mask.

But this isn’t his only secret. Harry Stewart is in fact Harry Woodman, George’s biological father. The details are never fully explained but when George was young Harry was unable to cope with his wife’s growing insanity so he left his son and wife to fend for themselves. Personally I don’t know why he left George in his insane wife’s care but after his son’s current murder spree Harry has shown a deep regret in this earlier decision.

Isaach Ingram

Occupation: Student

Age: 6

The older of the Ingram twins who likes to wear the color green and one of the first witnesses to discover Anna’s body. Isaach and his brother Isaiah are fond of taking walks in the forest with their grandfather, Jim Green, hanging with Becky Ames along with chatting with Forrest Kaysen and playing with his dog Willie.

Being so young it’s not surprising that he and his brother don’t quite grasp the true meaning of Anna’s death and is quick to think that she’s just become a “Fairy of the Forest.”

Isaiah Ingram

Occupation: Student

Age: 6

The younger of the Ingram twins who likes to wear the color blue and one of the first witnesses to discover Anna’s body. Isaiah and Isaach are fond of taking walks in the forest with their grandfather, Jim Green, hanging with Becky Ames along with chatting with Forrest Kaysen and playing with his dog Willie.

Being so young it’s not surprising that he and his brother don’t quite grasp the true meaning of Anna’s death and is quick to think that she’s just become a “Fairy of the Forest.”

Jack “the Raging Bull”

Occupation: Gas Station Owner and Attendant

Age: Unknown seems to be in his late 30’s

Jack is not known for small talk and a cheerful attitude. He is quite vulgar and refuses to talk to local or federal officers of the law unless the conversation starts with a bribe in his hand.

Jack is fond of frequenting the Galaxy of Terror to ogle Carol MacLaine, who he considers the hottest lady in town, much to Carol and her brother’s displeasure. Since Jack isn’t currently in the middle of divorce number three it’s a safe bet Gina doesn’t know how he feels about Carol either!

Jim Green

Occupation: Greenvale Forrest Caretaker

Age: Unknown seems to be in his 70’s

Lily’s father, grandfather of the Ingram twins and keeper of the Greenvale Forrest. As a former tree surgeon he knows quite a lot about trees and has a great respect for the entire forest. The Ingram twins are put under his care while their parents work at the Milk Barn and they spend a lot of time wandering through the Greenvale forests. It is during one of their morning walks that they discovered Anna’s body hanging from a tree.

Keith Ingram

Occupation: Milk Barn Owner and Clerk

Age: Unknown late 20’s early 30’s

Husband of Lily and father of the Ingram twins Keith looks like he belongs in a rock concert rather than a convenience store. He has a great love for music and treasures his first guitar, Grecotch and like a big kid is eager to help York in any way with his investigation.

Lily Ingram

Occupation: Milk Barn Manager and Clerk

Age: Unknown late 30’s early 40’s

The Ingram twins mother and wife of Keith. This cheerful lady is roughly 10 years older than Keith and as a result tends to hold more responsibilities in the Ingram household. She spends her days running errands and managing the Milk Barn.

“The General” Lysander

Occupation: Scrapyard Owner and Mechanic

Age: 80

A retired general who fought in Vietnam but insists on wearing a sergeants uniform. Loves to ramble about his days in combat and is quite the mechanical wiz.

Man in White

Occupation: Unknown

Age: Unknown

A mysterious man who appears in a white forest in York’s dreams. Like the twin angels he tries to keep York on the right track of the murder investigation.

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The Man in White is never identified but is the spitting image of Harry Stewart without his gas mask.

Michael Tillotson

Occupation: Mr. Stewart’s Personal Assistant

Age: 21

Mr. Stewart’s quirky and clean cut assistant. He is very polite, calm, courteous and well mannered and is the one who speaks for Mr. Stewart usually in a rhyme.

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As it turns out Michael is actually Harry’s adopted son and has been spending the last 6 years trying to prove to Harry he is worthy of the title. The jury is still out on why he feels he needs to rhyme all the time but he has shown he can speak normally time to time.

Mysterious Child

Occupation: Unknown

Age: Unknown seems to be around 6

A mysterious young boy in blue pajamas that is often seen in York’s dreams. Is eager to help and even teaches York how to sneak by Shadows.

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The mysterious young boy is in fact a younger version of Zach Morgan before witnessing his parents’ demise.

After little Zach’s hair turned white from the trauma and the large scar across his left eye the second personality, York, assumed his former looks.

Nick Cormack

Occupation: A&G Diner Owner and Cook

Age: 36

Nick is pretty famous for being the best cook around town and the constant stream of customers to his A&G Diner is a testiment to his culinary skills. A gruff man of few words York is surprised to learn he’s quite the fine art fan. Spending many nights a week chatting with the Muses Gallery curator Diane Ames on the subject. But is that all that’s going on? His wife Olivia isn’t so sure man eater Diane hasn’t already got her claws in her husband.

Nick’s fidelity isn’t the only question on the table, he doesn’t have a firm alibi for several of the Greenvale murders could he be the killer York’s looking for?

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When Olivia was unable to vouch for her husband’s whereabouts the night of Becky’s murder Nick became York’s number one suspect. York, Emily and Thomas trailed Nick one night to the Galaxy of Terror and found a barely living Diana strung from the gallery ceiling. Despite Yorks efforts Diane died before she revealed who hurt her and since Nick was the only one on the scene he was taken into custody.

Once Thomas and several case files disappeared from the police station while Nick was still in custody the Sheriff Department suspicions turned elsewhere. Nick was not only cleared of the murders but reconciled with his wife Olivia who assumed he was cheating with Diane.

Olivia Cormack

Occupation: A&G Diner Owner, Manager and Waitress

Age: Unknown, seems to be in her 30’s

This manager and waitress of the A&G was hit pretty hard by Anna’s sudden death, at first finding it hard to believe. She is eager to help York in his investigation by at least keeping his stomach full. She holds a deep pride for the restaurant and quite ready to sing the praise of her husband’s fine cooking. But something seems to be troubling her as of late, does it have to do with the case?

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It turns out Olivia has been bothered by Nicks frequent nights drinking with Diane at the Galaxy of Terror. Her concern is quite justified considering attachments don’t seem to hinder Diane from getting sex from anyone.

The night Becky was murdered Olivia was unable to vouch for her husband’s whereabouts. Concerned that he may somehow be involved she helps Agent York. In the end Olivia had nothing to really be concerned about Nick really just talked about art with Diane and had absolutely nothing to do with the murders.

Polly Oxford

Occupation: Grand Deer Hotel Owner

Age: 80

The owner and sole staff of the Grand Deer Hotel. She’s a bit on the pushy side, but full of good intentions and enjoys talking and taking care of her guests even though she’s hard of hearing.

She could just live on her pension but likes to think of keeping the large hotel like a hobby. During York’s stay she find herself reminiscing of the earlier years of the town. like placing second in the Miss Greenvale contest, and in memories of her late husband.

Quint Dunn

Occupation: Part time SWERY65 Bartender

Age:Unknown, seems to be in his 20’s

Richard Dunn’s only son and boyfriend of Beck Ames. Lives in a trailer behind SWERY 65 and helps his father run the dart bar. He worries greatly about Sally’s mental condition after Anna’s death and is often seen visiting her in Anna’s home and consoling her.

He loves to tinker with his bike and plans on marrying Becky someday.

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Embarrassed about how little he has to offer the extremely wealthy Becky, he becomes a drug runner to earn extra money for George’s secret S&M club. With the money earned he bought an engagement ring, but Becky, guilty of getting him involved in such a business, refuses to keep it.

Quint is of course hurt by Becky’s rejection but is soon determined to make himself worthy again in a more legal way.

Quint has little respect for his mother who left him and his dad years ago and was unhappy to learn that she had initially stole Richard from Sallie Graham.

Richard Dunn

Occupation: SWERY65 Dart Bar Owner

Age:Unknown, seems to be in his late 30’s early 40’s

Quint’s divorced father who raised Quint by himself and runs and owns the Darts Bar, SWERY 65. Like his son, Richard is quite worried about Sallie Graham’s mental health after Anna’s murder and is often seen consoling her.

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In his youth Richard and Sallie were sweethearts but at some point Richards (now former) wife was able to snare him away leaving Sallie heartbroken. Richard regrets leaving Sallie all those years ago and seems to be still in love with her.

Raincoat Killer

Occupation: Serial Killer

Age: Unknown

A figure from Greenvale’s past and considered a dark folklore of the town. A killer in a red raincoat that usually appears on rainy nights and drags a large axe behind him where ever he goes. According to the legend he is responsible for a murder spree in Greenvale back in the 1950’s.

It’s due to the fear of the Raincoat Killer that keeps Greenvale citizens in their homes and shuts down local businesses and schools when it rains.

York runs into this mysterious figure time and time again during his stay and is convinced that the recent murders are a result of someone mimicking this town folklore.

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The Raincoat killer from the 1950’s was none other then Harry Stewart’s father who, like the rest of the town, when into a blind rage killing spree after being exposed to a toxic purple gas Forrest Kaysen and the US Military pumped into Greenvale from the town clock tower.

The current Raincoat Killer York has seen around town however, is George Woodman, the grandson of the original killer. George took on the title of the “New Raincoat Killer” during his Greenvale murder spree in a false hope to gain immortality and power.

Sallie Graham

Occupation: Unemployed

Age:Unknown, seems to be in her late 30’s early 40’s

Anna’s mother. She lost her husband in a car accident a years ago and since then has been living off his pension. Unable to cope with the death of her daughter she spends most of her time at home or in SWERY 65 drinking away her sorrows. Both Richard and Quint Dunn visit her daily and keep her company.

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In her youth she and Richard were sweethearts but at some point Richards (now former) wife was able to snare him away leaving Sallie heartbroken.

“Roaming” Sigourney

Occupation: Former School Teacher

Age: 80

The former Miss Greenvale has acquired a new moniker late in life as the “Granny with the Pot.” She roams the town while holding a large pot in hand constantly worrying over it’s warmth…it’s a wonder why she leaves the house at all.

Thomas MacLaine

Occupation: Assistant to the Sheriff and Part Time Bartender at Galaxy of Terror

Age: 28

Thomas is a diligent and enthusiastic Sheriff’s assistant even if he doesn’t seem to have the stomach for the more grisly side of the job. As an accomplished cook Thomas makes lunches daily for George and Emily and is quite famous for his biscuits.

Thomas spends his nights bar-tending at the Gallaxy of Terror to help out his younger sister, Carol. In spite of his long hours at the bar and his day job as George’s assistant he is an early riser and the first to arrive daily at the Sheriff Department. Thomas also has a phobia of dogs and has a mysterious “Love G” tattoo on his back.

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If there’s anything Thomas loves more then his little sister it’s George, “Love G” himself. He loved the man so much that he and Carol set up a secret S&M club beneath the Galaxy of Terror just for his pleasure and recruited Anna and Becky into joining his harem.

But more then anything Thomas just wanted to be George’s girl and cross dressed to please him and things were good for awhile… that is until Emily Wyatt arrived in town and marked an end for all their fun. George realize he could do better and reduced Thomas and his sister as substitutes for his lust until he could take Emily’s love for himself.

Thomas descent into madness started after a visit from George in his apartment after Diane’s death in the Muses Gallery. By this point, Thomas knew George was responsible for the murders but loved him too much to care.

Thomas suffered some sort of mental breakdown after George’s visit. He donned his heels, wig and red dress and hid in the secret club beneath he Galaxy of Terror and let George incriminate him for the murders and blame of the missing department files on his shoulders.

Thomas held Agent York hostage in the Greenvale clocktower in an attempt to lure Emily to her death. Thinking that with Emily finally out the the picture could finally have George’s love.

Emily held her own against Thomas during their shoot out and unluckily had Forrest Kaysen’s dog, Willie, as her back up. When distracted by Willie’s sudden appearance and attack Thomas fell from the clocktower gears and died instantly when he landed face first on a stray hook.

Ushah Johnson

Occupation: Doctor specializing in internal medicine, surgery and forensic testing

Age: 28

The young doctor originally made a fortune in LA but seems to prefer a more lowkey life in the country. Many of the Greenvale residents think he’s a little odd for spending so much of his time in the autopsy room but it doesn’t seem to bother him.

He has a great love for chess and spends a lot of his free time competing in grand master tournaments online and reading chess related magazines.

The doctor is also is very fond of cheese potato chips and believes that they raise his chances of winning in a chess tournament. He’s even willing to drive a far distance just to purchase the smaller cheese chip bags at the Milk Barn because he feels the chips in their smaller packaging taste the best.

Despite appearances Ushah is fully aware how smitten Fiona is with him but is unsure on how to handle her advances due to never having a girlfriend in the past.

Twin Angels

Occupation: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Mysterious angels who are the spitting image of the Ingram twins and speak in riddles when they appear in York’s dreams. They seem to know the truth behind the murders in Greenvale and attempt to put York’s investigation on the right track.

Valentine Morgan

Occupation: Unknown

Age: Unknown

York often sees his mother in his dreams lying on the floor with his father pointing a gun with his finger on the trigger, repeating “At times we must purge things from this world because they should not exist.” It is unknown what the significance this scene has to York…or if it even occured.

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As it turns out, the scene above did occur… just not in front of York. It was witnessed by a young Francis Zach Morgan, the true personality of our hero. It was this scene and the aftermath that caused the Zach personality retreat and create the alternate personality, York to take over.

Forrest Kaysen had fed red tree seeds to Valentine, which forced her sexual arousal and tricked her into thinking she was with her husband. Kaysen took advantage of her while in this state and allowed the red seed he ‘planted’ inside her womb to sprout.

Lying in pain and helpless on the floor with a red tree sprouting from her womb Valentine begs her husband to shoot her when he arrived on the scene. Xander refused to shoot Valentine and the red tree sapling grew and killed her instantly.

Wesley “the Gunsmith”

Occupation: Owner of the Panda Bar Gunshop

Age: 55

Owner and gunsmith of the “Panda Bear” gun store. His skills are renowned around the country and customers come from far away for his services.

Surprisingly Wesley does not hold his work, or guns in general, in high regard often repeating that “guns are just tools for killing people. I don’t like it any more than you do.”

Wesley’s real passion is card collecting and is eager to see any new and rare cards York acquires during his stay in Greenvale.


Occupation: Forrest Kaysen’s pet dog

Age: Unknown

A friendly dalmatian that loves a good cup of coffee. He lives in a small doghouse on the back of Forrest Kaysen’s red truck and spends most days following Kaysen around town. Recently the Ingram twins have been teaching him some new tricks.

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With the help of Willie’s acute sense of smell, Emily and Kaysen were able to pinpoint where York was being held hostage by an mentally deranged Thomas.

According to an interview with Destructoid SWERY says Kaysen was receiving orders from the Red Tree through Willie…so it’s likely he’s not as innocent as he seems.

(Brian) Xander Morgan

Occupation: FBI Special Agent

Age: Unknown

Xander often appears in York’s dreams pointing a gun at his mother and repeating “At times we must purge things from this world because they should not exist” It is unknown what the significance this scene is to York…or if it even occured.

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As it turns out, the scene above did occur… just not in front of York. It was witnessed by a young Francis Zach Morgan, the true personality of our hero. It was this scene and the aftermath that caused the Zach personality retreat and create the alternate personality, York.

Lying in pain and helpless on the floor with a red tree sprouting from her womb Valentine begs Xander to shoot her when he arrives on the scene. A giddy Forrest Kaysen, responsible for red tree, stands behind them watching the scene.

Unable to go through the kill Xander watched in horror as the red tree finished the job for him.

A stunned Xander turned to Zach and told him, “At times we must purge things from this world because they should not exist. Even if it means losing someone that you love. Yet… I, I couldn’t do it. However, you can. When the time comes and you have to make that decision. Make the right one. Ok, Zach?” and unable to cope with his failure he put the gun to his head and committed suicide.

York Morgan & “Zach”

Occupation: FBI Special Agent

Age: 33

The FBI Special Agent who has come to Greenvale to help the Sheriff Department solve Anna Graham’s murder. He has an interest in the murders of young women and is currently compiling profiles of serial killers for the FBI.

He’s an eccentric man passionate about food, architecture and a great film. His knowledge of movies seems endless and can spout release dates, directors, plots and actors like a living breathing version of the Internet Movie Database.

The man is also very particular about his coffee…but for a good reason. York can see his fortune if he has a good cup of joe and though that seems silly it’s this very skill that has helped him overcome roadblocks in his previous cases.

The agent has an annoying knack for getting under other people’s skin which is usually of some social faux pas York commits when meeting someone new. It’s not that surprising York prefers to work alone…but is he really?

This doesn’t seem to be the case as the Agent has many in-depth coversations with an unseen or heard companion named Zach.

Just don’t don’t ask York about Zach. It’s a private matter afterall.

Even with his quirks, imaginary friend and odd investigation methods York is an accomplished elite special agent and often assigned to handle the Bureau’s more high profile murder cases.

York has been tracking a “Red Seeds” killer across the country the past couple months and believes Anna Graham’s murder may have a connection. Will his search for the killer end in this small Northwestern town?

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“Tomorrow you’ll arrive in a place that will change your fate”

That’s what York’s coffee told him before entering Greenvale and the coffee didn’t lie. Once the Agent set foot in town everything changed.

York met Emily, the girl of his dreams, and caught two murderers and confronted an evil from his past…or should I say, Francis Zach Morgan’s past.

That’s right, York’s imaginary friend, “Zach”, wasn’t so imaginary after all. Turns out this Special Agent suffers a split personality disorder triggered after witnessing the murders of his parents by Forrest Kaysen 27 years ago. The Agent’s true personality, Zach, retreated while York, the new personality, took over day to day functions.

Whenever York spoke with Zach he was slowly coxing the Zach from his mental prison. Francis Morgan was his own best friend for years and it wasn’t until the Greenvale case did York feel confident enough to completely let go and allow Zach full control again.

Through out the game citizens of Greenvale have made comments on York’s rather large scar. The scar didn’t seem so bad when the Agent’s viewed himself as the York personality but once the true personality took hold we could finally see what the Agent truly looked like.

The scars from his past tragedy were definitely more apparrent, his hair a shocking a large scar ran across his face that left the injured eye a red/brown color.

Francis’ York personality could not handle shooting Emily, the woman he loved, and end her suffering from the red tree Kaysen planted in her womb. Weak in his resolve control was handed to the Zach personality. It was only then did Zach muster the courage to take back control of his life to shield York from pain and protect York like former did for him all these years.

Zach was unable to shoot Emily as well so Emily forcefully pulled the growing tree from her own body. She died in his arms and York, satisfied that Zach was finally strong enough to survive on his own, followed her into the after life.

Zach avenged the deaths of Emily, his parents and other red seed victims across the country when he killed the true red seed killer, Forrest Kaysen, aloft the Greenvale clock tower. Zach left Greenvale with a sad heart but with complete confidence that his best friend York would be fine with Emily by his side.