Misc Projects

Graphic design work I’ve done for personal projects.

Complete Greenvale Map

Year: 2011
Media: Illustration
Programs: Adobe Illustrator

A vector map of Deadly Premonition’s Greenvale to help players in their investigation showing locations of various things including flower, bone, agent honor and card locations.

To make this complete map took screen caps of the entire in-game map and then pieced the map back together in Adobe Photoshop. It wasn’t very pretty due to all the in-game map lines and cross hairs so I redrew the entire map in Adobe Illustrator!

You can see this map in action over on my Deadly Premonition website.

Deadly Premonition Trading Cards

Year: 2011
Media: Game Screenshots and istock photos
Programs: Adobe Photoshop

Real life replicas of the 65 trading cards you can collect in the Deadly Premonition video game.

The card fronts are a screencap of the card as you see it in-game but with some touch ups: I re typed the text, redrew the solid color border elements and made other minor edits like I fixing the spelling of “Turkey” on the Turkey sandwich card so the final print would be a bit crisper overall. The card backs design is entirely my own creation using the in-game card descriptions, my own game screencaps and a stock photo or two.

Silent Hill Community Tribute Book and CD Cover

Year: 2012
Media: istock photos
Programs: Adobe Photoshop

I was asked to design the art book and cd cover and logos for the Silent Hill Community Tribute Project. The CD cover is a recreation of the piano puzzle in Silent Hill (PSX) while the artbook cover is a recreation of the 9 save points before a boss battle in Silent Hill 2.

Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut Official Visual Companion

Year: 2013

Some of my work from my Welcome to Greenvale website was used in Rising Star Games’ Official Visual Companion for iPad!

– The “distressed” and “complete” version of my Greenvale Map
– Photos of my Deadly Premonition Cards
– My fan posters I made for their Art Contest

Additionally, some text and recorded sound clips off my fan site were also utilized with my permission.

Deadly Premonition: Classified Edition

Year: 2015

My work from my Welcome to Greenvale website was used in Rising Star Games’ and NIS America’s Deadly Premonition Classified Edition including my “distressed” Greenvale Map and full character bios in the 32+ page artbook.

RelyonHorror.com Misc Site Graphics

Year: 2016-2017

Header graphics I made for my friends over on relyonhorror.com.