Special Menu

After beating the game and viewing the credits the “Special” menu in the title screen will unlock. In this menu are a bunch of Deadly Premonition goodies!

WARNING There are game spoilers below! View at your own risk.

Coverage Photos

On location photos from Oregon, Washington and California used as referenced material by Access Games.


Several Tracks to the game are playable here

Cut Scenes

Many of the major game cut scenes are playable here.

01 Magnificent Appearance
02 Good bye Civilization
03 Welcome to Greenvale
04 Red Seeds
05 Emily’s Back
06 Becky Ames
07 A close One
08 Diane Ames
09 Prima Donna of the Bar
11 50 Years Ago
12 It’s Not Over Yet
13 Red Room / Red Blood
14 Birth of Agent Willie
15 Thomas MacLaine
16 Die Pig!!
17 Carol MacLaine
18 To the Hospital
19 George Woodman
20 The Collapse of a Kingdom
21 Kaysen’s Letter
22 The True Royal Palace
23 The 13th Bell
24 Tree Salesman
25 Truth
26 Emily Wyatt
27 Separation with York
28 Red Tree Emissary
29 Red Tree Threat
30 Red Tree Burst
31 Showdown
32 The Rain Stopped
33 Zach’s Broken Heart
34 Please Stop the Car
35 Epilogue

Trading Cards

View the cards you’ve collected through out the game

Secret Door

The clue to open this door is found on the note sitting on the table you briefly see before the camera moves to the coverage photos area.

Look at trading card No. 56 [Polly Oxford]
Look at Coverage photo No. 3 Nature #3
Watch the video no. 35 [Epilogue] on the TV
Play song #14 [Miss Stillettos Heels Full Version] on the Jukebox

A chime will sounds indicating the door is unlocked and go inside. Zach will be inside the white room once again. Follow the doors with the glowing white bush until you reach the room with York. Talk to York and he will give you Trading Card No. 65 SWERY.

If you go back into the room Emily wearing her black cocktail dress has joined York. Neither will speak to you but if you talk with them a short moment of them smiling and staring at Zach will play.