Complete Greenvale Map

There’s been several Greenvale maps made to help players in their investigation showing, flower, bone, and card locations but for Welcome to Greenvale I wanted to take it a step further and make the most complete Greenvale map to date!

To make this complete map I took screen caps of the entire in-game map and then pieced the map back together in Adobe Photoshop. It wasn’t very pretty due to all the in-game map lines and cross hairs so I redrew the entire map in Adobe Illustrator so fans and newcomers alike can finally see Greenvale in its entirely! Lost and want to zoom out? Need to know a street name in Greenvale? A bone locale? Or just want to know where you can save? Not a problem! This map can help!

My fan map was even included in the Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut The Official Visual Companion!!!

Do you see an error or anything I’ve missed? Please let me know so I can update the map! :)

NEW!DOWNLOAD MAP HERE *spoilers- shows all Otherworld Locations* (5mb)

Spoiler Free Map

Spoiler Map

WARNING This map below shows all the Other World Locations!