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Videos where I point out Easter Eggs and other cool details from Deadly Premonition.

These videos have SPOILERS watch only if you have completed the game!

Did you notice?

Here’s some little facts about Greenvale and it’s citizens you could miss!

  • The Cormacks’ A&G Diner stands for “Apple & Gravy Diner.” You can learn this tidbit from Olivia if you talk to her before you question Nick at the diner during Episode 2, Chapter 8.
  • Brian the Insomniac actually owns a rather large home in Greenvale but spends all his time day and night in the cemetery.
  • Despite pulling double duty as the Sheriff’s Assistant and a bartender at the Galaxy of Terror Thomas is an early riser. You can see him get ready for the day starting at 7:00 and he’s the first to arrive at the Sheriff’s office.
  • If you decline lunch from Thomas during Chapter 03 he will reveal he was put in charge of taking Anna’s body to the hospital… unfortunately it was his first time and he hadn’t handled it very well. He was so distraught he threw up while holding her and George ended up having to hold it. Later George informed him he was not allowed to go with them to get the autopsy report.
  • Greenvale is actually in the shape of Kaysen’s dog Willie!
  • There is a character name for each letter of the alphabet!
  • There are several Mash Markets in Greenvale and if you look closely you can see some anti-Milk Barn posters around their shops! Maybe there wouldn’t be a need for Milk Barn if you were actually open once an awhile Mash Market!. (SEE VIDEO)
  • Nick Cormack is very fond of art and sometimes you can catch him working on a still life painting of his own.
  • “Pillow Stains (Piano Solo)” can be heard in game! For those who don’t know “Pillow Stains” is a fan name given to the alternate song Carol sings instead of “Miss Stiletto Heels” that we’ve only heard in the Rainy Woods Trailer. After having dinner with Emily, George and Thomas in Chapter 07 go to Thomas’ apartment (It can’t be raining, if the weather isn’t clear he’ll actually be at the Galaxy of Terror) and peep in his window and you will Thomas dance with himself to “Pillow Stains (Piano Solo)” instead of the usual “Miss Stiletto Heels (Piano Solo).”
  • So why is the Muses Gallery full of tree paintings? Well according to a conversation York has with a drunk Diane in the Galaxy of Terror it relates to her childhood dream of living in the forest (SEE VIDEO):
    York: I noticed that you have a lot of painting of Trees. Any reason for that?

    Diane: …Reason? Well, if there is a reason…Let’s just say it’s my “dream.” …Back when I was still a child. I wanted to live in the forest, not in a house, just among the holy trees.

    York: So you’re trying to bring that dream to real life.

    Diane: Yes, it’s pretty strange I know. There is a perfectly good forest outside. And yet I’m busy making a fake on inside…

    York: No I don’t find that strange at all. In fact, I think it makes sense.

    Diane: Well… thank you for saying so. I might have had too much to drink tonight. Please forget all this.

    York: …Zach, did you get that? As a girl she wished she could live in a forest. But you can’t really live in a forest if you like wearing tight dresses and high heels. It would be too hard to move around. Most would give up on such a dream. But she brought it to life, made it a reality in her art gallery.

…is that SWERY?

  • During the Epilogue Richard Dunn will mention that his dart bar SWERY65 is named after a friend he met in Seattle back in 1965. He says that this friend now works in the video game industry. This friend is actually the game’s director SWERY!
  • You can see SWERY’s likeness on a poster in the Greenvale Sheriff’s department of an officer with a police dog. Additionally, SWERY is seen on his own Deadly Premonition Trading card found behind the secret door in the Special Menu and a picture of him skydiving is often flashed on the televisions.

Did you notice? Game Spoilers

Did you notice Game End *Spoilers* »

Kaysen is the Red Seed Killer!

Kaysen Doll

Deadly Premonition hints as early as Chapter 00 who the Red Seed Killer is. A Kaysen doll is clearly visible on the map of the United States in the red room. This same doll shows up again in Diane’s hands in York’s dream after he’s knocked cold from Thomas and again in Emily’s hands after his fight with George. Makes you wonder why York wasn’t suspicious of him earlier I mean the man is a traveling rare red tree seeds sapling salesman and York has been finding red tree seeds at all the crimes scenes!

George is the Greenvale killer!

  • Red Trees in Greenvale (with the exception of the ones in the Graveyard) are prominently located in the places George Woodman, the New Red Raincoat killer, lives and works. Like with Kaysen, the game was subtly telling you who to be suspicious of! There’s a red tree on the Sheriff Station lawn, one in George’s yard and red ivy completely covers the back of George’s house! If the trees weren’t a clue George’s home is also one of the few York can not peek in on during the game.
  • Becky slowly points her hand in the George’s direction just before she throws up the safe key and dies.
  • After each murder George’s scar becomes more and more pronounced!
  • After the Lumber Mill Other World George will claim he is tired and will head home to bed…however I noticed in my first play through that he didn’t go home! Instead George wandered around the Greenvale forest at night! Definitely odd behavior.
  • Sometimes George will appear to be in the Galaxy of Terror but is nowhere to be seen…meaning he’s downstairs in the secret room! (SEE VIDEO)
  • There are raincoats hanging in a closet in the Sheriff department supply room, York will even make a comment on them being unused. In the Sheriff Other World those same coats are red and hung throughout the entire room.
  • The door to the secret Red Tree room in the Sheriff station is clearly shown in cell 05 behind a mattress…why didn’t York investigate!

Woah way to spoil the entire story Deadly Premonition!

In York’s first profiling sequence scenes from the entire game are quickly shown including:

  • Becky, Diane and Carol’s Deaths
  • Town meeting
  • George’s Mother’s Corpse
  • Emily joining the other girls in the forest

Hey that poster looks really detailed!


There’s a poster for a movie called “Analife” on the wall in the dressing room of the Galaxy of Terror. This is actually a poster for the 2005 independent movie, Anaraifu (Analife) directed by Kenji Goda, co writer of Deadly Premonition!

Galaxy of Terror…that’s an odd name for a bar

Carol’s Bar “Galaxy of Terror” does have a very strange name but like the Analife poster may actually be another homage to Kenji Goda! The bar shares the same name as the production company behind the Analife movie! [source]

GoT logo from Analife site grabbed from IWBM

If you question Carol in the bar during episode one she will reveal that the bar is actually named after a movie of the same name. Really weird if you ask me, but hey it’s not like it’s the oddest thing we’ve seen in Deadly Premonition am I right?

The Milk Barn…Real Life Imitated

Real Milk Barn in Snoqualmie, Washington.

The Milk Barn Convenience store is actually a real store in Snoqualmie, Washington! I wonder if the owner is a big rock n’ roll fan like Keith.

Twin Peaks Visual Homages

Above York’s Bed

Besides the character and plot similarities Deadly Premonition shares with the TV show Twin Peaks there are also couple visual homages in the game easy to miss. To see a full in depth of all the similarities with Twin Peaks make sure to check out Planet Redwood’s especially long list of comparisons! Here are just a couple I caught while playing.

The Snoqualmie Falls and the The Salish Lodge building (seen in the left of the picture) located in Washington state stand in for exterior shots of the Great Northern Hotel in Twin Peaks. York has a similar photograph of the game’s Velvet Falls that looks very similar and could be a promo shot for the show. It is also believed by many fans that the game’s Velvet Falls and placement of Harry’s Mansion at the top were based on this similar shot from the show.

In Anna’s bedroom you can see Laura Palmer’s portrait hanging on her wall near the bed. In Twin Peaks Laura died violently and FBI Agent Dale Cooper was brought in to track down here killer, this particular photo is shown often in the show.

A&G Diner

In A&G Diner there’s a large fake ice cream cone on the counter which is similar to the large fake ice cream cone in the R&R Diner in Twin Peaks.

License Plates

All the vehicles in the game have special license plates that tell you a bit about the car owners! Some meanings are major Game Ending spoilers so I wouldn’t view them until you’ve completed the game.

Carol MacLaine
Plate: IR8SNGR

Plate Meaning »

Meaning: roughly translates to “Irate Singer” Carol sings at the Galaxy of Terror and she’s often irate.

Diane Ames
Carmen GT
Plate: GA0F6EQ

Plate Meaning »

Meaning: Welcome to Greenvale visitor Crystal has suggested that it could mean: “GAllery OF sexy cute.” Thanks Crystal!

Emily Wyatt
Tough Chap

Plate Meaning »

Meaning: roughly translates to “I love movies.” Sounds like Emily is a movie fan just like York!

Fiona “Freckles”
Green Station Wagon
Plate: CHIPS4U

Plate Meaning »

Meaning: roughly translates to “Chips for you” which is a reference to her love for Ushah who is very fond of chips

Forrest Kaysen
Plate: RED2REE

Plate Meaning »

Meaning: roughly translates to “Red Tree,” Kaysen sells red tree seed saplings.

Francis York Morgan
York’s Car
Plate: YZ1DRFL

Plate Meaning »

Meaning: roughly translates to “York and Zach are wonderful”

George Woodman
Elephant T-3
Plate : HESTHE1

Plate Meaning »

Meaning: roughly translates to “He’s the one” – George is the new raincoat killer

Harry Stewart
Plate: 2D-AYAGN

Plate Meaning »

Meaning: Unsure, the but there are a couple possibilities..

  • 2DAY= Today and AGN= Again so it could translate to today again but then the hyphen in the plate doesn’t make much sense.
  • On the Greenvale Community Center another member suggested that it kind of sounds like “To Die Again” which makes a little sense since this car is featured during the 1950’s Raincoat massacre.

Michael Tillotson
Stretch Limo

Plate Meaning »

Meaning: Seems to be a reference to Harry’s “Sinner Sandwich”

Keith Ingram
Rockabilly 58′
Plate: IE6SALE

Plate Meaning »

Meaning: IE6= a million (calculator humor) so his plate translates to “1 million sales”

Lilly Ingram

Plate Meaning »

Meaning: roughly translates to “Super Mom”

Nick Cormack
SR sportwagon
Plate: GR8COOK

Plate Meaning »

Meaning: roughly translates to “Great Cook”

Olivia Cormack
Red Car
Plate: T8KITEZ

Plate Meaning »

Meaning: roughly translates to “Take it easy”

Quint Dunn
Wave R2000

Plate Meaning »

Meaning: roughly translates to “Love Becky forever” – Quint loves his girlfriend Becky

Richard Dunn
S33 Condor
Plate: SWERY65

Plate Meaning »

Meaning: The name of his bar

Sheriff’s Department
Sheriff’s Patrol Car

Plate Meaning »

Meaning: Translates to “Spy Fiction” – The 2002 PS2 Game made by Access Games

Sheriff’s Department
Sheriff’s SUV

Plate Meaning »

Meaning: Translates to “Video Games”

Thomas MacLaine
Plate: TA2LUVG

Plate Meaning »

Meaning: Translates to “Tattoo Love G”

Ushah Johnson
Mezger C600
Plate: KQB8NRP

Plate Meaning »

Meaning: seems to have a connection with chess pieces. K= King; Q= Queen; B8 (I assume it should be K8 and was an error) = Knight, R= Rook and P= Pawn