Deadly Premonition Official Sites

As part of their marketing for Deadly Premonition, Ignition Entertainment opened several online sources for the latest Deadly Premonition information including an official game website, a facebook page and two twitter accounts! Below you can find links to the different official online media as well as screencaps and summaries of what you can find there.

Official Deadly Premonition / Red Seeds Profile Websites

United States of America Offline

The official US Deadly Premonition flash website gives an overall summary of the game, characters and various media downloads (desktop wallpapers, avatars and music!). There’s even a small blog on the site where game director posts his thoughts on the game from time to time!

Screenshots of the website


The official Japanese Red Seeds Profile website gives an overall summary of the game plot, mechanics, specs, characters and has various videos for download. Unfortunately I can’t read Japanese, but it looks like a pretty in-depth site.

Screenshots of the website

Official Deadly Premonition Facebook Page

Deadly Premonition Facebook Page

Sometime in late October 2009 Ignition Entertainment set up an official Deadly Premonition Facebook page to share the latest Deadly Premonition news, screens and related stories. Trailers and character information were also posted along with copies of some of SWERY’s blog posts in the pages Facebook notes. Additionally contests were held to win copies of Deadly Premonition after the game’s release and many fans flocked to the page to share their enjoyment of the title on the page wall and the discussion boards.

Official Deadly Premonition Twitter Accounts

York Morgan
George Woodman

Sometime in November 2009 Ignition Entertainment set up a twitter account for game protagonist Special Agent Francis York Morgan and another for Greenvale Sheriff, George Woodman as marketing for the upcoming Deadly Premonition.

In the beginning the York’s twitter gave a little taste of what the game was about by making short comments about Greenvale and the start of his investigation.

Later after the US release York shared more real time conversations and Deadly Premonition related links with the fans such as various game site reviews, DP Facebook contests, cool fan art, SWERY interviews and news of the European release.

Meanwhile George’s account never took off with only one public response tweet to something York said.