I’m hard at work on making a walkthrough for Deadly Premonition! My guide will hopefully take you through every possible nook and cranny of the game for a 100% completion. Not only will you collect all the cards, get all the special weapons and suits but I will also try and guide you to see many character conversations and point out little easter eggs along the way!

I was disappointed this game never got an official guide so I want to make this as detailed as an official guide would have been by incorporating my own hand drawn maps, video run through and lots of graphics! Needless to say this guide is taking me awhile, (It didn’t help that my hard drive crashed and set me back a few weeks either!).

Guide is 50% completed

You can check it out what I’ve done so far here:

Deadly Premonition 100% Completion [In Progress]

[Currently working onEpisode 3: Chapter 14]

    Prologue: Chapters 00   (COMPLETE!)
    Episode 1 : Chapters 1-7   (COMPLETE!)
    Episode 2 Part 1 : Chapters 08-10   (COMPLETE!)
    Episode 2 Part 2 : Chapters 11-13   (COMPLETE!)
    Episode 3: Chapters 14 -20   (In-Progress)
    Episode 4: Chapters 21- 22
    Episode 5: Chapters 23 – 24
    Episode 6: Chapter 25
    Episode 7: Chapter 26


08/23/2015 – Ack I fell behind again, but I’m back on track now! Chapter 13 of the walkthrough is up!

04/06/2015Chapter 12 of the walkthrough is up!

04/02/2015 – Went through and cleaned the page code (there were broken tags that prevented me from adding new content!) Working on graphics and coding for CH 12 currently hope to have the entire chapter up over the weekend!

01/14/2015 – Still incomplete 3 years later yikes. To be honest losing data really set me back and killed my motivation to work on it which is why it’s still incomplete. One of my resolutions this year is to finish this sucker. I have a new 100% walkthrough re-recorded I’m currently organizing my data/notes to pick up where I left off.

05/03/2012 – Back to working on this (sorry was distracted by Silent Hill stuff)! Added Chapters 10-11 and I’m currently working on Chapter 12 :)

12/10/2011 – Edited Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 walk throughs to include the missing department lunch scenes I recently found.

10/17/2011 – I’m back to working on this sucker! I have Episode 2 Part 1 Chapters 08-09 complete!

08/31/2011 – I’ve decided to put up what I’ve done so far! You can check it out here: Deadly Premonition 100% Completion [In Progress]

08/5/2011 & 08/12/2011 – Still super busy at work so not really motivated due to being tired but I am still making slow progress. I have rough draft and notes up to Episode 2 (part 2), Chapter 12 and have gameplay recorded right before the start of Episode 2 (part 2), Chapter 13.

07/29/2011 – Unfortunately not a good week with progress as I really busy at work and too tired when home to work on this :(

Main story: Finished up writing through the end of Episode 1 but I have rough and notes through to Episode 2 (part 1) Chapter 09. I still need to take screens an organize what new I’ve written into my walk through page format. Still early in the game but the good news is that a lot of side missions and cards collected so later chapters will focus only on main story missions and will faster to write about!

Still only recorded game footage beginning of Episode 2 (part 1), Chapter 10.

Main story: Finished up writing through the end of Episode 1 and have completed some more side missions. I haven’t recorded any new gameplay.

Main story: Finished up writing through Chapter 06. I have my game play recorded to the beginning of Episode 2 (part 1), Chapter 10 and I am in possession of all the car upgrades, York’s vehicle, Legendary Guitar Grecotch, unlimited sub machine gun, magnum, Wesley Special and a couple new suits

Main story: Finished up writing through Chapter 05 (Murder Site). I have my game play recorded through the Town Hall meeting and Dinner in the main story with the last race completed, another department lunch, 11 more side quests completed and another 2 started.

Main story: Finished up through Chapter 04 (Profiling) and 90% done writing up Chapter 05 (Murder Site). I know not very far in the main story but a lot of time was spent collecting things and completing side missions.

Days in Game covered- 2 with 10 side missions completed.
Collected: 31 trading cards, 7 bones, a fast travel device, 1 special weapon, weapon bag and lots and lots of Agent Honor (Red) around town.