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Check out the new gift shop!

June 5th, 2013 | 1:18 pm   By: Whitney


I’ve opened a zazzle shop for the site. Right now I only have two shirt designs up but I’m planning to make a variety of Deadly Premonition fan themed products!

Welcome to Greenvale Gift Shop

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4 Responses to “Check out the new gift shop!”

  1. avatar zac says:

    Wont you get in trouble from access games?

    • avatar Whitney says:

      I hope not! I’ve seen other people sell Deadly Premonition themed shirts and items in the past on these kinds of shops and I am using my own artwork :)

  2. avatar Adie Stone says:

    Hi Whitney, do you think that if we design our own would you be able to make and sell them?

    • avatar Whitney says:

      Not through my gift shop but Zazzle definitely allows you to make and sell your own :)