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What Deadly Premonition could have been…

June 5th, 2012 | 11:21 am   By: Whitney

With my excitement over the (hopefully) upcoming Deadly Premonition Enhanced version information during E3 2012… I thought I would look back at what Deadly Premonition could have been.

Did you know that originally Francis York Morgan was David Young Henning, a US FBI agent with his unseen friend, “Jeter” in the game’s first incarnation Rainy Woods?

Comparing the two I have to say I prefer York’s new look…it’s more distinctive! Too bad an early demo was never released and just a trailer. I would of loved to have played the Rainy Woods version of the Greenvale town and residents we all know and love.

For more info on Rainy Woods check out my section dedicated to it :)