Latest DP News and Site updates!

Deadly Premonition LP DONE! Plus some small other updates

October 4th, 2010 | 10:09 am   By: Whitney

Hi Guys!

I finished recording my LP over the weekend and right now the last couple videos are uploading to youtube. The LP spans a total of 136 parts! :) I didn’t think it would go that long.

You can view the whole thing here:
Let’s Play Deadly Premonition HARD mode 100% Completion

In other news I’ve added a little more to George’s character description on the characters page and made some other minor edits.

I’m currently working on the side quests section and hope to have that done a little later this week!

More DP LP videos coming!

September 27th, 2010 | 10:51 am   By: Whitney

Hey Guys, I’m almost done with recording my LP. I just need to finish the last Spiritual Mapquest and I’m done with the “story!” Next, I need to record the secret room, go back and show what plays in everyone’s cars and what happens when you beat the epilogue multiple times.

So expect at least another 8+ hours of LP video goodness coming your way this week! In the meantime, check out the parts 96-107 I uploaded on Saturday :)

New LP videos soon and a Rainy Woods Page

September 21st, 2010 | 11:41 pm   By: Whitney

Going to upload some more of my Deadly Premonition LP videos onto the youtube channel tomorrow night. We are almost up to 100 videos, wow! I’ve also added a new page about Deadly Premonition’s first incarnation Rainy Woods.

New DP (61-81) LP Videos up on Youtube

September 20th, 2010 | 10:18 am   By: Whitney

I got the next videos (parts 61-81) up on youtube! I still have a couple more hours to edit and upload and then it’s back to recording some more of the game!

New DP LP Videos up on Youtube

September 15th, 2010 | 12:17 pm   By: Whitney

I got the next few videos (part 53-60) up on youtube! I still have a couple more hours to edit and upload and then it’s back to recording some more of the game!

In other news Planet Redwood and I have joined forces and have become “Community Partners” This means both sites will share the same forum and hopefully we will start some collaborations in the future! If you having done so be sure to check out the site!

More Updates soon! Also the meaning behind the A&G Diner name!

September 8th, 2010 | 9:43 pm   By: Whitney

Hi Guys! Not sure if anyone is really reading these little news updates just yet but I figured I would continue post about my progress with the site!

I wanted to get a lot more done over the holiday but unfortunately my health did not want to cooperate. I still need to record the rest of my LP but I have everything I recorded last week uploaded onto youtube now. My big plan to to get another set of videos recorded over the weekend and uploaded over the next week.

I attempted to record some more last night but I still sounded awful so I hope I’ll have my voice back by Sat…though I did learn something new!

Did you know that A&G Diner stands for “Apple and Gravy” ? LOL I sure didn’t but I learned that last night! I’m currently in chapter 9 in my LP and I’m in the diner about to question Nick and I decided to talk (to Olivia first, just because.

Well instead of a murder/Nick related question York asks Olivia the meaning behind the diner name. Apparently Nick is really proud of his gravy with apple sauce so they named the diner after that. Odd no?

As for pages I’m currently working on the creatures section and move on to the items section and I playing Keith’s 3 Map quest several times (still on hard) to learn some good Boss fighting tactics!

I’m considering adding a fan work section but Planet Redwood has that covered pretty well :) What do you guys think? Is it worth it? (BTW thanks for linking to my LP Planet Redwood, I’m honored you thought it was worth it! :) )

Do you guys have any sections you would like to see?

Character section complete and some of my LP is online!

September 4th, 2010 | 1:00 pm   By: Whitney

I’ve finally completed my Characters section! I’m still going to go back and edit things but for now I’m going to allow visitors to see what I’ve got :)

I’m still in the middle of recording and editing my DP LP but I’ve decided to uploaded some of the videos to youtube since I’m sick at the moment and I don’t think I’ll be able to finish recording everything this weekend :( I have time to kill now so I’m going to spend it uploading videos to youtube!

I have around 9 hours recorded already so I will slowly upload what I’ve got and continue recording when I feel a bit better.

Parts 1-8 of my LP are online with another 14 parts uploading over the next day or so!

BTW I’ve become affiliated with Planet Redwood a FANTASTIC Deadly Premonition website (also under construction) I highly recommend! I hope everyone will go check it out :)

Let’s Play and Character section…coming very soon!

September 1st, 2010 | 10:08 am   By: Whitney

Hey Guys!

I’m still hard at work on the site and have the Character’s section 90% completed…wow is it a doozy! I’ve also been hard at work on my Deadly Premonition Let’s Play which I’m hoping to complete recording over the holiday weekend.

What you can expect from the upcoming LP:

  • my odd sense of humor and my attempt at fun editing
  • a 100% completion of the game including:
    – completion of all sidequests
    – The location all the DP trading cards revealed and collected
    – Find out what’s behind the ??? door in the Special Room
    – As many character conversations as possible so you can get the full effect of the quirky town.

all while kicking ass and taking names in hard mode!