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Check Out the Slew of Never Before Seen Character Concept Art!

March 19th, 2012 | 8:53 pm   By: Whitney

Access Games sent Hardcore Gaming a whole bunch of character concept artwork for their Deadly Premonition article. We’ve seen small glimpses of these before in the Game Developer Magazine’s Post Mortem Interview and it’s nice to finally see crisp and clear versions!

Source (Hardcore Gaming)

Access Games Posted An English Version of SWERY’S GDC Lecture

March 23rd, 2011 | 8:35 pm   By: Whitney

Very cool! Access Games has posted an English transcript of SWERY’s lecture at GDC!

Driving Conversations Up! A New DP Fansite & DP is GOTY!

January 9th, 2011 | 11:26 pm   By: Whitney

Site Update!

I finally got the Driving Conversations section UP! Woo it took a while to get all those voice clips…I think I got them all but if I’ve missed any let me know :)

A New Deadly Premonition Fan site!

In another news there’s a new DP fan page on the block! Be sure and check out my newest affiliate FK…In The Coffee. What’s funny is I almost named this site the same when I started it in August!

Now here’s something interesting!

Big thanks to Daniel Weissenberger for sending me this scan. In the Korean DP manual there’s some decorative Greevale newspaper clippings on the sides. In one of the clippings it’s implied that Brian “The Insomiac” was a victim of an hit and run accident. This is interesting because I always assumed he died during the Greenvale Massacre because if you complete the bone quest a marker appears that says Brian X with the death year 1956 which is when the original Raincoat Killer killed everyone.

Speaking of Daniel Weissenberger have you checked out the latest parts to his why Deadly Premonition is GOTY?

…with more to come!

Speaking of why Deadly Premonition should be Game of the Year…another writer by the name of J.P. Grant has also compiled a lengthy essay as to why this quirky game deserves the title!

…with more to come!

More accolades!

Deadly Premonition has been named Podcast’s Game of the Year! Yay!

Gamecritics: Why DP should be Game of the Year! (not a joke)

September 23rd, 2010 | 2:32 pm   By: Whitney

I just read these myself and I thought Daniel Weissenberger has done a great job explaining so far just why despite it’s flaws DP should be a real contender for GOtY (seriously)!

Deadly Premonition is the Game of the Year (Part 1)

Meet York Morgan (Deadly Premonition is the Game of the Year, Part 2)

The First Unforgivable Design Mistake (Deadly Premonition is the Game of the Year, Part 3)

The Daily Grind (Deadly Premonition is the Game of the Year, Part 4)

Riding in Cars with York (Deadly Premonition is the Game of the Year, Part 5)

The Greenvale Tourism Board (Deadly Premonition is the Game of the Year, Part 6)