Beginner’s Guide to Deadly Premonition

Okay so you’ve picked up the game but find yourself lost and a little frustrated? Never fear! Here’s some tips to help your investigation in Greenvale a little less… annoy- er I mean cumbersome.

Difficulty Level

Deadly Premonition has three difficulty levels : Easy, Normal and Hard. The only difference between these levels are the strength of the enemies. If you care about game achievements you will need to complete Deadly Premonition start to finish on each level of difficulty since the difficulty achievement isn’t stackable. If are just interested in seeing how the story pans out I recommend you play the game on Easy Mode and make combat a lot less frustrating!

These buttons are your friends, seriously.

A Button aka the “Burst through the door like a madman” button

Will allow York to burst through doors instead of slowly opening and closing them. When I figured this out it made exploring so much faster

B Button aka the “omg I have investigating things to do can you just spit the description out already? Geezus!” button

Speeds up the text

Start Button aka the “TLDR” button

Hitting start will allow you to skip cutscenes, York’s profiling (you will still get the cash for starting the sequence), York’s driving coversations (why would you do that?!), you got an item screens and finally the in and out of the car sequences.

Back Button aka the the “Quick Map” button

Quickly look at the map by hitting Select. I just wish there was a zoom out option…

Bumper Buttons aka “the teleport a peeping York” Buttons

Hitting the bumper buttons will allow you to scroll through all the peeping spot views for any building. When you back out the the view it will teleport York to the last spot you were peeping through.

Stick Down + X Tap aka “Quickturn” Buttons

Pull back on the stick and quickly hit the X button will allow york to make a 180 turn. Great when you find yourself surrounded by shadows!

Game Glitches


    Disappearing Keys

    This is a serious glitch that forces players to restart the entire game. This glitch involves replaying chapters while you have a key you need to use in your current saved game in your inventory. If you are in Chapters: 5, 9 or 23 and have been given or found a key item that needs to be used later to unlock something in the chapter DO NOT, and I repeat DO NOT try and replay any earlier chapter from the main menu before using said key. If you do the key will disappear from your inventory with no way of ever obtaining it again leaving the only solution to re-start the entire game over and lose all your progress and items.

Annoying but not Game Ending

    Mission Marker Game Freezes

    I’m not sure why this happens but sometimes the game will completely freeze on you when you drive or step into one of those green mission markers. Brad and Ryan from the Giant Bomb Endurance run ran into this glitch when they attempted to drive into a mission marker in the Alberio Graveyard. If you find the game freezing in a similar regard trying to trigger the mission marker in another way, like if the game froze when you drove into the marker try walking into it next time.

    Drive out of Town during Sigorney Side Quest

    If you’ve picked up Sigorney for one of her missions do not drive past the town limits. Usually when this happens York will state you still have a case to solve and the car automatically turns around. If Sigorney is your passenger she will no longer scream and yell and you will unable to drop her off at her house. Sigorney will only leave your car when her side mission times out.

    Disappearing Trading Cards

    I’m not sure how prevalent this one is but it happened to me my first time through the game and was rather annoying! I had replayed chapter 2 to complete an Emily Sidequest for Trading Card #52. Once I had the card I completed the chapter and saved my game. I assumed the card was in my collection but a little later on I noticed it was missing from the collection book. I’m not sure what triggered it to disappear since I was able to replay that same chapter in my following game without it disappearing. It may of had to do with ending my game right after getting the card but I can’t be sure. I’ve seen online that others have had some different cards go missing like trading card #1. So if you are attempting to get all the cards be sure to keep an eye on your card collection!

Map and Travel

    In Game Map

    Let’s face it the in-game map system sucks. You can’t zoom out and it will turn around depending on which way you are facing making it quite unhelpful when you are lost and trying to find your way through Greenvale.

    I have recreated the entire Greenvale world map with zooming abilities for the website which you can view here. Be warned there are spoilers for where each other world is located!

    >> The Zoomable Complete Greenvale Map

      Map Tips

      Your main mission objectives will be indicated by a red arrows. If you aren’t within the time limit these arrows will be grayed out. The time limit for each mission objective is shown beneath your mini navigation on the bottom left of the screen. Keith’s map quests are indicated by the yellow arrows and Other World replays are indicated by purple arrows.

      From 00:00 – 07:00 the other world will take over Greenvale and Shadows roam the streets.


    You have a number of different rides available to York besides the police cruisers. Visit General Lysander, starting episode 2 and complete his side quests to upgrade the speed, gas and handling of the police cruisers as well as purchase some of the other Greenvale residents’ rides.

    By completing side quests #34 Benjamin Franklin and #43 York’s Car you can also purchase and fix York’s original ride which is not only the fastest car available but will also take no damage!

    Fast Travel

    Greenvale is a pretty big town, luckily there is a super awesome item called the Radio that you can acquire within the first day of the investigation. The Radio allows York to instantly travel to locations he’s visited once before. To get this item you need to first complete side side quest #4 Lost Arnold while you make you first visit to the Sheriff Department. On the way to Anna’s autopsy be sure to pull over and grab a flower that only appears when it’s raining on Muffler Road so you can complete Side Quest #5 Nameless Flower and receive the radio from George.


Shadows will go down quicker if you aim for their heads. Head shots not only take off more life but you are also given a monetary reward for getting a head shot.

You can sneak by shadows if you hold your breath but you can’t move very fast and your pulse rate will skyrocket. Be sure to have stabilizers handy!

Your initial FBI issue fire arm is pretty weak but it does have the advantage of having unlimited ammo. If you are interested in upgrading to more powerful weapons with unlimited ammo or that never degrade be sure and complete the Keith Map side quests and Otherworld Replays:

Side Quests

Agent York may be in Greenvale to solve a homicide but there’s lots he can do besides questioning the citizens! There are a total of 50 side quests available in the game. Their completion isn’t required but by doing them all you can learn cool details about Greenvale and its citizens you wouldn’t learn by only completing the main investigation.

For help on each individual side quest check out my >> Side Quest Guide

Frequently Asked QuestionsHELP! I can’t find or finish a side quest!

Sometimes it’s hard to tell when you can start a side quest…you may be in the right chapter but there can be additional circumstances before a quest begins!

Most common problems:

1) I can’t talk to this person or finish a side quest in this chapter…I have Emily or George with me or I have to be somewhere at a certain time!

There are no consequences if you miss a deadline. Ditch Emily, ditch George, it doesn’t matter, they won’t hold leaving them or being late against you. You can start or finish a side quest at any point in time. Continue main investigation the following day if you’ve exceeded the time limit.

2) This person won’t give me their next quest or they aren’t in their location! I’m in the right chapter, what gives?

  • What’s the weather like?
  • Depending on the quest you may need to have a certain weather condition as well. Try looking for the person when it’s raining. If it’s raining and you can’t find them try again when the weather is clear.

  • What time is it?
  • Sometimes a character will only give you a side quest when they are home. If their home is closed smoke or sleep until it’s open. Many characters are only home during the evenings.

  • Have you wait 24 hours since completing the last quest?
  • Some characters have multiple side quests and once you complete one you need to wait a full 24 hours before the next will become available. If the next quest for a character isn’t available and you have the right weather and time conditions sleep 24 hours before speaking with them again. Please note: If you are repeating a chapter to take care of a character’s side quest and you have already completed one for that person during that chapter you will still have to sleep another 24 hours.

3) I missed my chance to complete a side quest and it’s no longer available!

Don’t worry if you missed a chance to complete a side quest because the character is no longer around you can replay a chapter anytime.

WARNING: If you are in a middle of a chapter and you are given a key or item needed to complete the chapter, finish the chapter quest first! Many people have had to start the game over because an item they needed to continue in the main story disappeared from their inventory because they went back a chapter.

4) When can I start Emily’s Side Quest?

You can only start Emily Side Quests when it’s raining in the evening usually between 17:00-22:00. If it’s not raining you will either need to sleep until it is or replay a chapter that it’s guaranteed to rain like Chapter 2 episode 13 (NOTE: if you’ve already completed one of Emily’s side quests during this chapter replay you will need to sleep another 24 hours before her next quest will be available).

If you sleep and it’s raining in the morning or afternoon do not sleep again to pass them time! When you wake up again the rain will stop before you need to speak with Emily. Instead it’s safer to just smoke to pass the time once its started to rain.

5) I can’t find Lily! She’s not at the Milkbarn.

Lily is only at the Milkbarn before and after her errands for the day. The best time to catch her is between 9:30 -11:30 and then around 14:30-15:30


Fishing in Greenvale is certainly an interesting experience. You never know what you’ll find, ammo, a cup of coffee, trading cards, garbage…oh and the occasional fish!

I usually only fish to complete side quests or if the plot requires it. It’s not particularly fun and can get dull rather fast.

After York casts the fishing line out you have to wait for something to bite the line. If you wiggle the stick or push buttons before you get the “Hit” message the line will break and you will lose a bait.

Once the “Hit” message appears and you press the x-button to reel in your catch a roulette screen of several icons flashed by on the screen.

The trick is to let the item you want to catch scroll by one time and then hit the x-button when the marker is 3-4 spaces before what you want to catch!

If there is a trading card at a fishing location it will be in the pink present box!


There are three racing spots in Greenvale:

  • Greenvale High School on Lincoln Street (near the Sheriff Department)
  • Greenvale Hospital
  • Moyer Lumbermill

The races are timed and you must drive through checkpoint markers as they appear on the road. There’s no need to wait until you upgrade or buy a faster car because it’s possible to win every race easily in a standard police patrol car and never use your siren boost!

You can complete a race at any time of day and in any weather condition.

These races are definitely worth completing because you are rewarded with a bunch of Agent Honor and a trading card.


You can play darts in SWERY 65 or in Richard Dunn’s trailer. It a fun little minigame that if you do well at can get you two trading cards and a bag that will allow for York to hold more items.

You need a dart gun and $50 to play a game. Each time you achieve a high score you win a prize.

Counting Rule Explanation

You can fire three darts per round and your score is the total of eight rounds and 24 darts. The numbers on the outside rim of the board are how many points you can score when you hit those areas on the board. An outside double line is worth double points, an inside triple line is worth triple points while the bull’s-eye is worth 50 points. The highest amount you can get with one dart (outside of an end round bonus) is 60 points by scoring the 20 point triple bar.

The Game Mechanics

Press the [Left Trigger] to focus your mind and aim and make sure to pay attention to your pulse gauge. The longer you concentrate the faster York’s pulse will rise. When his pulse gauge fills he will no longer be able to aim and the darts you shoot will go wild.

Aim the gun with the [Left Stick] and shoot darts with the [A] button.

Getting a High Score

Unless it’s the end of a shooting round (when the dart board lights up) always aim for the “Triple 20.” Once you’ve made it once you won’t really need to spend time aiming for your second attempt since York’s gun will pretty much zero in on the last spot you shot at. Still, it’s good to double check your aim by quickly focusing his concentration for a second to make sure that the red dot is in the triple 20. Sometimes his aim will be slightly off depending on how close to the edge your last 20 triple score was.

After you take a shot be sure to let go of the [Left Trigger] immediately to stop York’s pulse from continually going up. Don’t try and aim for your next shot until you new points are calculated either. You won’t be able to make a new shot until they are and it’s a waste of York’s pulse bar to keep aiming. I only press the [Left Trigger] to concentrate when the gun aim is already close to the area I want to shoot just so I can line up my shot.

At the end of each round the board will light up several numbers that will reward a successful score with an additional x 5 multiplier if hit. Try to aim for the largest triple spot that’s lit since if you are successful in scoring you ill be rewarded with at least 120 points or more.

Within each game you can expect these sets of numbers to light up together though the order of when they appear may differ in your game slightly. The list below is based on my current playthrough’s dart games:

    First Round End: Dart #22
    14 or 12 light up. Highest point total possible: 210

    Second Round End: Dart #19
    16 or 17 light up. Highest point total possible: 255

    Third Round End: Dart #16
    19 or 10 light up. Highest point total possible: 285

    Fourth Round End: Dart #13
    8, 7 or 2 light up. Highest point total possible: 120

    Fifth Round End: Dart #10
    11, 5 or 15 light up. Highest point total possible: 225

    Sixth Round End: Dart #7
    18, 13, 6 light up. Highest point total possible: 270

    Seventh Round End: Dart #4
    9, 20, 4, or 3 light up. Highest point total possible: 300*

    Eighth Round End: Dart #1
    Bulls-eye light up. Highest point total possible: 500*

    *Always this round end

If you find that your pulse gauge is going into the red quickly shoot your remaining darts until you only have one left so you’ll have enough concentration leftover to at least aim for the bulls-eye that is worth 500 points.

2165 + 960 (16 Triple 20’s) = Perfect Game: 3125