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All Department Lunch Video Cut Scenes Are Now Up on Youtube! [UPDATE]

November 7th, 2011 | 12:22 am   By: Whitney

Hey guy’s I’ve finally put up HD videos of all the possible lunch cut scenes from the game which also include the conversations with Thomas and Emily when you agree or decline. Enjoy!

I only thought there were only ten lunches but Anonymouse let me know I missed recording a lunch in Chapter 03 about Ushah! So I went back and sure enough there was another lunch scene. I went through each chapter that you could possibly take a department lunch in and had lunch with the team until I got a generic lunch video to make sure there were no other hidden cutscenes. So in the end the total of different cutscenes now is 13! It’s amazing that after all this time I’m still discovering new and hidden things about this game…it also means I need to edit some of the earlier chapters of my walkthrough! LOL

I’ve also added the two types of generic lunches you can have if you’ve exhausted any new lunch cutscenes for a chapter. Enjoy!