Silent Hill Shattered Memories (Konamistyle Japan) (Wii) (JPN) (Sealed)

Format: Wii NTSC-J retail game + Bonus
Released: 2010
Publisher: Konami
Region: Japan
Catalog Number: RVL-P-R5WJ(JPN) RI035-J1
ISBN: ISBN 4988602148695
Purchased: March, 2010
Where: Konami Style
Quantity/Condition: 1 x NEW
Autograph(s): Tomm Hulett
A sealed Japanese Wii version of Silent Hill Shattered Memories bought from Konami Style. It comes in a snazzy black Wii case which indicates it’s a mature title and a bonus set of postcards for pre-ordering on the KonamiStyle website. Each postcard has cover artwork from each Silent Hill game released in Japan.

I had Tomm Hulett sign the Shattered Memories and Silent Hill Zero postcards when I visited Konami HQ in 2011.