Silent Hill (PSX) (US) (Signed)

[table class= “table table-striped” th=”0″] Format:, PSX NTSC-U/C retail game
Released:, 1998/1999
Publisher:, Konami
Region:, US
Catalog Number:, SLUS-00707
ISBN:, ISBN 083717170372
Purchased:, “January,” 1999
Where:, Local Funcoland
Quantity/Condition:, 1 x USED
Autograph(s):, Akira Yamaoka


My very first Silent Hill purchase! The first American retail edition of the game that comes in a jewel case with an English instruction manual. There are two slightly different versions of the black US edition. There are some like mine which have a more muted silver front cover with the collage on the front with a very low contrast which were part of the initial release. Later prints before the Greatest Hits edition still had the black Playstation spine but the cover became a high contrast black and white image. This and the US Greatest Hits edition of Silent Hill are the only ones known to be uncensored.

I had the game cover signed signed by Akira Yamaoka at the Silent Hill Revelation 3D movie Premiere October 24, 2012. It was such an honor to meet him.