Silent Hill (PSX) (EU)

[table class= “table table-striped” th=”0″] Format:, PSX PAL Retail Game
Released:, 1999
Publisher:, Konami
Region:, Europe
Catalog Number:, SLES 01514 2555660/A
ISBN:, ISBN 4988602555660
Purchased:, “May,” 2009
Quantity/Condition:, 1 x USED
Autograph(s):, N/A


A first edition PAL release of Silent Hill. This PAL release of Silent Hill was unfortunately censored in which the Mumbler in Midwich Elementary were removed and replaced by Claw Fingers. Even though it was censored the PAL release did include an in game article regarding the fire Alessa was burned in that was not included in the US or Japanese release. You can find the article in Nowhere on the 3rd Level. I’m not sure why it wasn’t included on the US or Japanese releases.

Included with the PAL release were several leaflets containing Silent Hill product information. On one you can see an advertisement for the Silent Hill comic that was never released!