Silent Hill Play Novel (GBA) (JPN)

Format: GBA retail game
Released: 2001
Publisher: Konami
Region: Japan
Catalog Number: AGB-P-ASHJ(JPN) RK-244-J1
ISBN: ISBN 4542084000218
Purchased: 2013
Where: Arcade Gear
Quantity/Condition: 1 x NEW
Autograph(s): N/A

A Japanese retail version of the GBA game. Came with box, game cartridge and Japanese only manual. I have read that this game was only available in limited quantities. I have not played the actual game cartridge since I don’t own a GBA but I have played and completed Harry and Cybil’s quests though a Japanese ROM and text translations found on gamefaqs. Even though most of the events would be considered AU when compared to current Silent Hill canon it’s definitely an interesting read! I really wish they made an English version of this game!