Silent Hill Perfect Navigation Book (JPN)

Format: Guide Book + Fold Out Maps
Released: 1999/2002
Publisher: Famitsu, Enterbrain
Region: Japan
Catalog Number: N/A
ISBN: ISBN 9784757204249, ISBN 978-4757711402
Purchased: February, 2010
Where: and Yahoo Japan Auctions
Quantity/Condition: 1 x USED
Autograph(s): N/A

The Japanese navigation guide for the Silent Hill game written by “Harry Mason.” There seems to be two versions of this guide, one published in 1999 and a second version published in 2002 with the Konami logo on the front. This guide is completely in Japanese and I haven’t found a translation online. Here what I *think* it contains based on a few English headers and pictures:

– Character Profiles
– Monster Profiles
– Weapon List
– Area maps with detailed item and monster locations

Even though this guide is in Japanese I think it’s a valuable item to have in any Silent Hill collection just for the fantastic area and item drawings and awesome pull out maps of Silent Hill!