Silent Hill Homecoming Soundtrack (US) (Sealed)

[table class= “table table-striped” th=”0″] Format:, Music CD promo – Buy SHH on 360/PS3 or SH0 on PS2
Released:, 2008
Publisher:, Konami
Region:, US
Catalog Number:, N/A
Purchased:, 2009
Where:, Contest Prize from Original Sound Vision
Quantity/Condition:, 1 x NEW
Autograph(s):, N/A


An American release of the game soundtrack given to people who bought Silent Hill 0rigins on the PS2 or Silent Hill Homecoming on the Xbox/PS3 at Gamestop at the end of November and early December. I’m not sure why they didn’t give this away when Homecoming actually came out! I won this new sealed copy from Original Sound Vision by leaving a comment about my favorite Silent Hill musical moment…though to be honest I won by default since there weren’t other eligible entries