Silent Hill Dying Inside Graphic Novel (US)

Format: Comic Trade Paperback
Released: 2004
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Region: US
Catalog Number: N/A
ISBN: ISBN 978-1932382242
Purchased: 2004
Where: Local Comic Book Shop
Quantity/Condition: 1 x USED
Autograph(s): N/A

The first Silent Hill graphic novel by Scott Ciencin (Author), Ben Templesmith (Author) and Aadi Salman (Author). Contains Dying Inside issues 1-5.

What would you sacrifice to gain absolute control over your own destiny? The lives and souls of those who love and trust you? The future? A war rages in the demon-infested town of Silent Hill, where seventeen year-old Goth Lauryn must make a decision that may forever alter the course of this unholy place-and one day loose Hell itself upon the world. Don’t miss the incredible action and chilling terror!