Silent Hill: Dead/Alive #3A (US)

[table class= “table table-striped” th=”0″] Format:, Single Issue Comic
Released:, 2006
Publisher:, IDW Publishing
Region:, US
Catalog Number:, N/A
ISBN:, ISBN 827714198454 00311
Purchased:, 2014
Quantity/Condition:, 1 x USED (Near Mint)
Autograph(s):, N/A


Interior art: Nick Stakal
Cover art: Chris Bolton

Welcome to a festival of horror the likes of which Silent Hill hasn’t seen since the night half the town burned and monsters first stormed the mist-enshrouded streets. There are games to be played. Prizes to be won. Flesh to be destroyed. Trapped within this madness are living dead girl Christabella and haunted Hollywood actor Kenneth Carter. Will they escape? Will they even want to?