Silent Hill 2 (PS2) (Special 2 Disc Set) (EU)

[table class= “table table-striped” th=”0″] Format:, PS2 PAL retail game + DVD
Released:, 2001
Publisher:, Konami
Region:, Europe
Catalog Number:, SLES 50382 7021101
ISBN:, ISBN 4012927021101
Purchased:, “November,” 2004
Quantity/Condition:, 1 x USED
Autograph(s):, N/A


This is the special European edition of the original Silent Hill 2. The two disc edition comes with the PS2 game,a “Making of” Silent Hill 2 documentary dvd, a Silent Hill 2 sticker of James in a hallway with a flashlight (there were 4 different designs available), a Konami competition paper and a manual in English.

The Making documentary DVD by Fun-TV France is broken up into 4 sections:

1) The Making of Documentary:

Backrounds Repulsion and attraction:
Interview with Art director Masahi Tsuboyama

Creation of the characers Emotion and ambiguity:
Interview with CG and character artist Sato Takayoshi

Creation of the monsters Something human:
Interview with monster designer Ito Masahiro.

Music and sounds Under the skin:
Interview with sound director/composer Akira Yamaoka.

Psychological horror-Eros and Thanatos:
Interview with Producer Imamura Akihiro and some more from Sato Takayoshi.

Scene decoding Mary or Maria?:
An analysis of a scene the the prison level in Silent Hill 2 and interview with drama director Suguru Murakoshi

2) Trailer: Silent Hill 2 E3, Tokyo Games Show, and a Press Event trailers. This section also contains trailers of: Age of Empire, Metal Gear Solid 2, Pro Evolution Soccer, Shadows of Memories, Silent Scope 2, X Games Skateboarding, and Z.O.E.

3) Art Gallery: pictures of characters, monsters and locations in Silent Hill 2

4) Biographies: Pictures and profiles of Imamura (producer), Sato (CGI director),Yamaoka (sound director), Tsuboyanma (director), Ouraku (scenario writer), Ito (art director) and Murakoshi (drama director)

The DVD also contained two “secret” videos found only by searching each dvd menu with your remote:

– a video of a cool press event in France where members of the press were taken to a Silent Hill decorated house by monster nurses and had a paintball battle.

– a Castlevania Chronicles director’s interview