Hello! My name is Whitney and I would like to welcome you to my Silent Hill collection website!


Silent Hill is a Japanese survival horror video game franchise developed and published by Konami that spans 8 (core games), two movies, comics and many game spin offs.

I’ve been a huge Silent Hill fan since I played the first installment on the Playstation in 1999. I was enthralled by the creepy atmosphere, music, and puzzling plot (I didn’t even fully understand what happened the first time around!).

Silent Hill merchandise is pretty rare when compared to my other favorite game franchises, Capcom’s Resident Evil (Biohazard) and Squaresoft’s Final Fantasy. Despite the lack of abundance of merchandise I’ve been able piece together a unique collection over years and I’m still looking for more!

I hope you enjoy perusing my collection, and I hope any information I have can help you acquire more items for your own. Any questions or comments are welcomed! Enjoy!