Fan Made Silent Hill 2 NES (US)

[table class= “table table-striped” th=”0″] Format:, Fan Made NES
Released:, 2012
Region:, US
Catalog Number:, N/A
Purchased:, 2012
Where:, Gift
Quantity/Condition:, 1 x NEW
Autograph(s):, N/A


This NEStalgic remake of Silent Hill 2 by Gabriel Leoni sold on

The Silent Hill franchise spent less than a year existing in the 90’s and yet, no ‘Greatest games of the 90’s” list could be complete without this Survival/Horror game in it. This NEStalgic remake uses one of the greatest baddies of all time time with Pyramid Head as the featured art.

Note:These are artist created items that use classic NES cartridges recycled as an art canvas. Inside you will find a random vintage game from the original NES lineup that still works! All profits go directly to supporting the artists and team involved in the creation of these carts. Each cart includes a small stick-on plastic hook for wall mounting. This product is not affiliated with the Silent Hill (サイレントヒル) series/Konami nor is it an official Nintendo product.