Fan made Custom Robbie Shirt A/B (US)

Format: Fan T-Shirt
Released: 2013
Publisher: Ratiocinator
Region: US
Catalog Number: N/A
Where: Ratiocinator
Quantity/Condition: (NEW)
Autograph(s): N/A

Robbie fan shirts made by Ratiocinator based on the official “Gurney Robbie” and “Blue Robbie Wins” t-shirt designs.

The graphics on this shirt were created by me through extracting Robbie the Rabbit’s 3D model from Silent Hill 4 (Robbie had a higher detail model in this game), redoing his UV mapping, then drawing brand new textures for his model along with accompanied assets. Robbie’s mesh was then rigged and could be positioned to match the original shirt’s design. – Ratiocinator