Drawing Block Silent Hill 3 Program Guide (JPN)

Format: Brochure
Released: 2003
Publisher: Konami
Region: Japan
Catalog Number: N/A
Purchased: June, 2008
Where: Japan Yahoo! Auctions through rinkya.com
Quantity/Condition: 1 x USED
Autograph(s): N/A

A Japanese program guide given as a bonus (along with two posters (?) and a Lost Memories: The Art & Music of Silent Hill DVD) with the “limited edition” version of Silent Hill 3.

This guide is completely in Japanese and I haven’t found a translation online. Here what I *think* it contains based on a few English headers and pictures:

– Silent Hill 3 character information (in color)
– Introduction and story of Silent Hill3
– A mini playing guide
– Rough character & monster sketches from SH3
– Recap and History of Silent Hill and Silent Hill 2
– Blood relations, symbol, and scene connections between the first three Silent Hill games
– Staff interviews
– Silent Hill 1-3 Arms index
– Silent Hill 3 creatures (in color)