Below is a full list of items/sets that I own. Those with (*) haven’t been photographed for the site yet.


1Silent Hill (Trial Version) (PSX) (JPN)
2Famitsu Wave Silent Hill Demo (JPN)*
3Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine 16 Sampler (PSX) (US)
4Silent Hill (PSX) (Metal Gear Solid Demo) (EU)
5Silent Hill (PSX) (Promo) (EU)
6Silent Hill (PSX) (Store) Demo (US)
7Silent Hill (PSX) (US) (Signed)
8Silent Hill (PSX) (ASN) (Sealed)
9Silent Hill (PSX) (EU)
10Silent Hill (PSX) (JPN) (Sealed)
11Silent Hill (PSone Books) (JPN) (Sealed)
12Silent Hill (PSone Books) (Re-Release w/ New Logo) (JPN) (Sealed)
13Silent Hill (Konami The Best) (JPN) (Sealed | Used)
14Silent Hill Play Novel (GBA) (JPN)
15Silent Hill 2 (PS2) (JPN) (Sealed)
16Silent Hill 2 (PS2) (Special 2 Disc Set) (EU)
17Silent Hill 2 (PS2) (US)*
18Silent Hill 2 (PS2) (Greatest Hits Edition) (US) (Signed)
19Silent Hill 2: Saigo No Uta (Xbox) (JPN) (Sealed)*
20Silent Hill 2 Inner Fears (Xbox) (EU)
21Silent Hill 2 Restless Dreams (Platinum Hits) (PS2) (US) (Sealed)
22Silent Hill 2 Saigo No Uta (Konami Dendou Collection) (PS2) (JPN) (Sealed)
23Silent Hill 2 (PC) (Sealed) (US)
24Silent Hill 3 (PS2) (US)
25Silent Hill 3 + Special Mini Sound Track (PS2) (JPN) (Sealed)
26Silent Hill 3 (PS2)(Re-release) (JPN) (Sealed)
27Silent Hill 3 (PC) (US)
28Silent Hill 3 (PC) (EU) (Sealed)
29Konami Preview Disc (Silent Hill 4 Demo) (US)*
30Silent Hill 4 The Room + Kyodan Special Edition (PS2) (JPN) (Sealed)
31Silent Hill 4 The Room (PS2) (US)
32Silent Hill 4 The Room (PC) (US) (Sealed)*
33Silent Hill 4 The Room (Re-release) (PS2) (EU)
34The Silent Hill Collection (PS2) (EU)*
35Silent Hill Origins (US) (Signed)
36Silent Hill Zero (Konamistyle Japan) (JPN) (Sealed)
37Silent Hill Origins (PS2) (US) (Sealed)
38Silent Hill Origins (Re-release) (PS2) (EU) (Sealed)
39Silent Hill V (Homecoming) PSW Demo Disc (PS3) (UK)
40Silent Hill Homecoming (360) (US) (Signed)
41Silent Hill Homecoming (360) (EU) (Signed)
42Silent Hill Homecoming (PS3) (US)
43Silent Hill Shattered Memories (Wii) (US) (Signed)
44Silent Hill Shattered Memories (PS2) (US) (Signed)
45Silent Hill Shattered Memories (PSP) (US) (Signed)
46Silent Hill Shattered Memories (Konamistyle Japan) (Wii) (JPN) (Sealed)
47Silent Hill Downpour (PS3) (US) (Sealed)
48Silent Hill Downpour (360) (US) (Sealed x 2 | Used) (Signed)
49Silent Hill Downpour (360) (MX) (Sealed)
50Silent Hill Downpour (360) (AU) (Sealed)
51Silent Hill Downpour (PS3) (JPN) (Sealed)
52Silent Hill HD Collection DEV Demo (PS3) (US)
53Silent Hill HD Collection (PS3) (US) (Sealed)
54Silent Hill HD Collection (360) (US) (Signed)
55Silent Hill HD Collection (PS3) (JPN) (Sealed)
56Silent Hill Book of Memories (Vita) (US) (Signed)
57Silent Hill Book of Memories (Vita) (EU) (Sealed)
58Silent Hill Book of Memories (Vita) (JPN) (Sealed)


59Silent Hill Original Soundtrack (EU)
60Silent Hill Original Soundtracks (JPN) (Sealed)
61Silent Hill Original Soundtracks (TWN) (Bootleg – Ever Anime)*
62Silent Hill Original Soundtracks (TWN) (Bootleg – Miya Records) (Sealed)*
63Silent Hill 2 Original Soundtracks (JPN) (Sealed | Used)
64Silent Hill 2 Original Soundtracks (TWN) (Bootleg – Miya Records)*
65Silent Hill 2 Original Soundtracks (EU)*
66Silent Hill 3 Original Soundtrack (JPN) (Sealed)
67Silent Hill 3 Original Soundtracks (EU) (Sealed | Used)
68Silent Hill 3 Original Soundtrack Limited Edition (EU)
69Silent Hill 4 Robbie Tracks (JPN) (Sealed)*
70Silent Hill 3 Original Soundtracks (TWN) (Bootleg – Alion Records)*
71Silent Hill 3 Original Soundtracks (TWN) (Bootleg – K-O Records)*
72Silent Hill 4 The Room Original Soundtrack (EU) (Sealed)
73Silent Hill 4 The Room Limited Edition Soundtrack (US) (Sealed)
74Silent Hill 4 The Room Kyodan "Inescapable Rain in Yoshiwara" Special Edition (JPN) (Signed)
75Silent Hill 4 The Room Original Soundtracks (TWN) (Bootleg – Miya Records)*
76Silent Hill 4 The Room Original Soundtracks (TWN) (Bootleg – K-O Records)*
77Silent Hill Zero Original Soundtracks (JPN) (Sealed | Used)
78Silent Hill Homecoming Soundtrack (US) (Sealed)
79Silent Hill Shattered Memories Soundtrack (US) (Sealed | Used) (Signed)
80Silent Hill Sounds Box (JPN)
81Silent Hill Downpour Original Soundtrack (US) (Sealed x 2 | Used)
82Silent Hill Origins Original Soundtrack Amazon CD-R (US) (Sealed)
83Silent Hill Homecoming Original Soundtrack Amazon CD-R (US) (Sealed)
84Silent Hill Shattered Memories Original Soundtrack Amazon CD-R (US) (Sealed)
85Silent Hill Book of Memories Original Soundtrack (US) (Sealed | Used)
86Silent Hill Revelation 3D Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (US) (Sealed | Used)
87Best Of Silent Hill: Music From The Video Game Series (Sealed | Used)


Promotional Items

106Silent Hill Program Guide (JPN)
107Silent Hill Promo Stickers (DE)
108Silent Hill 2 Radio (US)
109Silent Hill 2 Mug (EU)
110Silent Hill 2 Pen (JPN)
111Silent Hill 2 Mousepad (Konami Style pre-order exclusive) (JPN)
112Konami Style Silent Hill 2 Pin (EU)
113Complete Set of Silent Hill 2 Special 2 Disc Set Collectible Stickers*
114Silent Hill 3 CD-Rom Press Kit (EU)
115Drawing Block Silent Hill 3 Program Guide (JPN)
116Silent Hill 3 Promo Stickers (JPN)
117Silent Hill 3 Promo Sticker (EU)
118Konami Style Silent Hill 3 Radio (EU)
119Konami Style Silent Hill 3 Flashlight (EU)
120Silent Hill 3 Mouse Pad (EU)
121Silent Hill 4: The Room Promo Plastic Bag (EU)
122Silent Hill 4: The Room Mousepad (EU)
123Silent Hill 4: The Room Promo Candle (US)
124Silent Hill: Zero [Konamistyle Ed.] pre-order Crystal Butcher bonus (JPN)
125Silent Hill: Zero Nurse UMD holder (Sealed) (JPN)
126Silent Hill: Homecoming Boogeyman Promo Keychain
127Silent Hill: Cold Heart Pitch Document (UK)*
128Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Konami Style pre-order bonus – Postcards (SH1-SHSM) (JPN)
129Silent Hill: Downpour Notebook (US)
130Silent Hill: Downpour Gameplanet USB Flashlight pre-order bonus (MX)
131Silent Hill: Downpour Gameplanet DLC card pre-order bonus (MX)
132Silent Hill Press Kit (US)
133Silent Hill (2006) – Best Buy Free Movie Ticket (US)
134Silent Hill (2006) – Promotional Newspaper (US)
135Silent Hill (2006) – Lobby Cards (FR)
136Silent Hill (2006) Brochure (JPN)
137Silent Hill (2006) Promo Clock (JPN)*
138Silent Hill (2006) FS/WS DVD Backers (US)*
139Silent Hill Revelation Clear File (JPN)*
140Silent Hill Revelation 3D Brochure (JPN)
141Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Get Glue Stickers (US)
142Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Clear File (TWN)
143Robbie the Rabbit Green Tea (JPN)*

Wall Art

144Silent Hill Retail Large Cloth Banner (JPN)
145Ladies of Silent Hill Retail Poster (JPN)
146Dahlia Silent Hill Retail Poster (JPN)
147EGM Silent Hill Poster (US)
148Silent Hill Retail Poster (US)
149Silent Hill Retail Poster (DE)
150Games and More Silent Hill Cybil Poster (DE)
151Mega Fun Silent Hill Lisa Garland Poster (DE)*
152Silent Hill 2 Retail Poster (JPN)
153Silent Hill 2 "Forbidden Poster" (JPN)*
154Silent Hill 2 Maria Wallscroll (Bootleg)*
155Silent Hill 3 Retail Poster (EU)
156GE Animation Silent Hill 3 Heather Wall Scroll
157Silent Hill 4: The Room Retail Poster (US)*
158Silent Hill 4: The Room Retail Poster (JPN)
159Silent Hill 4: The Room Retail Poster (EU)
160Silent Hill (2006) Double Sided One Sheet (US)*
161Silent Hill (2006) DVD Poster (US)*
162Silent Hill: The Arcade Large Cloth Banner (JPN)*
163Silent Hill: Origins Poster (EU)
164Silent Hill: Origins Retail Poster (EU)*
165Silent Hill: Homecoming Retail Poster (US)
166GE Animation Silent Hill: Homecoming Boogeyman Wall Scroll (US)
167Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Fan Made Toluca Mall Poster (US)
168Silent Hill: Downpour Pre-order Bonus Poster (AU)
169Silent Hill Downpour Poster (EU)*
170Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Comic Con Promo Poster (US)
171Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Promo Poster (US)
172Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Double Sided One Sheet (US)
173Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Lenticular Poster (US)
174Fan Made Lakeside Amusement Park Cloth Poster (EU)
175Silent Hill Lost Days Backer Perk Poster (US)*
176Silent Hill Live Poster Art School – Gaslow Show (UK)*
177Mondo Silent Hill Poster (US)*
178Mondo Stilent Hill Poster Variant (US)*

Guides, Books and Novels

179Silent Hill Totally Unauthorized Strategy Guide (US)
180Silent Hill (Prima's Official Strategy Guide) (US)
181Silent Hill – The Official Strategy Guide (Authorised Collection (EU)
182Silent Hill Official Guide (Konami Official Guide) (JPN)
183Silent Hill Official Complete Guide (Konami Official Guide) (JPN)
184Silent Hill Perfect Guide (Konami Official Guide) (JPN)
185Silent Hill Perfect Navigation Book (JPN)
186Silent Hill: Play Novel Official Guide (JPN)
187Silent Hill 2 Official Strategy Guide (US)
188Silent Hill 2 Official Strategy Guide (Blockbuster Ver w/ Poster) (US)
189Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams Official Strategy Guide (US)
190Silent Hill 2 – The Official Strategy Guide (Authorised Collection) (EU)
191Silent Hill 2 Official Guide (Konami Official Guide) (JPN)
192Silent Hill 2 Official Guidebook (Konami Official Guide) (JPN)
193Silent Hill 2 Navigation File (Konami Official Guide) (JPN)
194Silent Hill 2 Speed Run Guide (JPN)
195Silent Hill 2 Complete Guide & World Guide (Konami Official Guide) (JPN)
196Silent Hill 2 Official Complete Guidebook (Konami Official Guide) (JPN)
197Silent Hill 2 Saigo No Uta Official Guide (Konami Official Guide) (JPN)
198Silent Hill 3 Official Strategy Guide (US)
199Silent Hill 3 Official Complete Guide (Konami Official Guide) (JPN)
200Silent Hill 3 Official Guidebook (Konami Official Guide) (JPN)
201Silent Hill 3 Navigation File (Konami Official Guide) (JPN)
202Silent Hill 4: The Room Official Strategy Guide (US)
203Silent Hill 4: The Room – The Official Strategy Guide (Authorised Collection) (EU) (Sealed)
204Silent Hill 4: The Room Official Guide First Edition (Konami Official Books) (JPN)
205Silent Hill 4: The Room Official Guide Complete Edition (Konami Official Books) (JPN)
206Silent Hill: Origins Official Strategy Guide (US)
207Silent Hill: Zero Official Guide (Konami Official Books) (JPN)
208Silent Hill: Homecoming Signature Series Guide (US)
209Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Official Strategy Guide (US)
210Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Official Guide (Konami Official Books) (JPN)
211Silent Hill Downpour: Prima Official Game Guide (US)
212Silent Hill: The Novel (JPN)
213Silent Hill 2: The Novel (JPN)
214Silent Hill 3: The Novel (JPN)
215Silent Hill Movie Novelization (JPN)
216Silent Hill Revelation Novelization (JPN)
217Silent Hill: The Terror Engine (Landmark Video Games) (US)
218A Tale of Birds without a Voice (ES)
219Guinness World Records 2015 Gamers Edition (US)
220Guinness World Records 2016 Gamer's Edition (US)*
221Silent Hill Omnibus Vol 2 (US)*
222Takasago Silent Hill Pachislot Official Guide(US)*

Magazines with Silent Hill Related Coverage


250Silent Hill Dying Inside #1 (US)
251Silent Hill Dying Inside #2 (US)
252Silent Hill Dying Inside #3A (US)
253Silent Hill Dying Inside #3B – Variant (Masahiro Ito) (US)
254Silent Hill Dying Inside #4 (US)
255Silent Hill Dying Inside #5A (US)
256Silent Hill Dying Inside #5B – Variant (Atsushi Tsujimoto) (US)
257Silent Hill Dying Inside Graphic Novel (US)
258Silent Hill Among the Damned (US)
259Silent Hill Among the Damned (Mini DVD version) (US)
260Silent Hill: Paint It Black (US)
261Silent Hill: The Grinning Man (US)
262Silent Hill: Three Bloody Tales Graphic Novel (US)
263Silent Hill: Dead/Alive #1A (US)
264Silent Hill: Dead/Alive #1B – Variant (Scott Keating) (US)
265Silent Hill: Dead/Alive #1C – Variant (Steven Perkins) (US)
266Silent Hill: Dead/Alive #1D – Variant (Ted McKeever) (US)
267Silent Hill: Dead/Alive #1E Retailer Incentive (Loïc Zimmermann) (US)
268Silent Hill: Dead/Alive #2A (US)
269Silent Hill: Dead/Alive #2B – Variant (Ted McKeever) (US)
270Silent Hill: Dead/Alive #3A (US)
271Silent Hill: Dead/Alive #3B – Variant (Ted McKeever) (US)
272Silent Hill: Dead/Alive #4A (US)
273Silent Hill: Dead/Alive #4B – Variant (Ted McKeever) (US)
274Silent Hill: Dead/Alive #5A (US)
275Silent Hill: Dead/Alive #5B -Variant (Ted McKeever) (US)
276Silent Hill: Dead/Alive Graphic Novel (US)
277Silent Hill Omnibus (US)
278Silent Hill Sinner's Reward #1A (US)
279Sillent Hill Sinner's Reward #1B – Retailer Incentive (Justin Randall) (US)
280Silent Hill Sinner's Reward #2A (US)
281Silent Hill Sinner's Reward #2B – Retailer Incentive (Justin Randall) (US)
282Silent Hill Sinner's Reward #3A (US)
283Sillent Hill Sinner's Reward #3B – Retailer Incentive (Justin Randall) (US)
284Silent Hill Sinner's Reward #4A (US)
285Silent Hill Sinner's Reward #4B – Retailer Incentive (Justin Randall) (US)
286Silent Hill: Sinners Reward Graphic Novel (US)
287Silent Hill: Past Life #1A (US) (Signed)
288Silent Hill: Past Life #1B – Retailer Incentive (Justin Randall) (US)
289Silent Hill: Past Life #2A (US) (Signed)
290Silent Hill: Past Life #2B – Retailer Incentive (Justin Randall) (US)
291Silent Hill: Past Life #3A (US) (Signed)
292Silent Hill: Past Life #3B – Retailer Incentive (Justin Randall) (US)
293Silent Hill: Past Life #4A (US) (Signed)
294Silent Hill: Past Life #4B – Retailer Incentive (Justin Randall) (US)
295Silent Hill: Past Life Graphic Novel (US)
296Silent Hill: Downpour Anne's Story #1A (US)
297Silent Hill: Downpour Anne's Story #1B – Subscription Variant (Justin Randall) (US)
298Silent Hill: Downpour Anne's Story #2A (US)
299Silent Hill: Downpour Anne's Story #2B – Subscription Variant (Jose Holder) (US)
300Silent Hill: Downpour Anne's Story #3A (US)
301Silent Hill: Downpour Anne's Story #3B (US) – Subscription Variant (Ilya Kuvshinov)
302Silent Hill: Downpour Anne's Story #4A (US)
303Silent Hill: Downpour Anne’s Story #4B – Subscription Variant (Xermanico) (US)
304Silent Hill: Downpour Anne's Story Graphic Novel (US)*
305Silent Hill Past Life Print by Menton3 (Signed) (US)*
306Silent Hill: Downpour Anne's Story #1 Original Art Page #3 by Tristan Jones (AU)*
307Silent Hill: Downpour Anne's Story #1 Original Art Page #17 by Tristan Jones (AU) (Signed)*
308Original Doll Test Artwork by Tristan Jones (AU)*
309Original RPT Test Artwork by Tristan Jones (AU)*


311Silent Hill 2 James and Nurse Statue (EU)
312Night Mare Models: Red Pyramid Thing (JPN)
313Night Mare Models: Bubble Head Nurse (JPN)
314Fan Made Custom James Action Figure (US)
315Toymunkey/Gecco Red Pyramid Thing (JPN)
316Toymunkey/Gecco Red Pyramid Thing Artist Proof (JPN)
317Toymunkey/Gecco Red Pyramid Thing SDCC Exclusive (JPN)*
318Toymunkey/Gecco Bubble Head Nurse (JPN)*
319Toymunkey/Gecco Bubble Head Nurse SDCC Exclusive (JPN)*
320Gecco Heather Statue (JPN)*
321Gecco Robbie Statue (JPN)*
322Gecco Blue Robbie Statue (JPN)*
323Gecco Souvenir Robbie Statue (JPN)*
324Fan made Custom Robbie the Rabbit Statue (US)
325Fan made Custom Robbie the Rabbit Statue with Bench (CL)
326Fan made Custom Heather Volks Doll (US)
327Heather Resin with Custom Base (JPN)
328Hellpainter: Silent Hill 3 Heather (JPN)
329Gaya Robbie the Rabbit Doll (DE)
330P.T. Sink Fetus
331Fan Made Lisa Garland Plushie (UK)
332Fan Made Heather Mason Plushie (UK)
333Fan Made Memory of Alessa Plushie (UK)
334Silent Hill Homecoming Bogeyman Statue
335Figma Red Pyramid Head Figure (JPN)*
336Real Action Heroes No.693 Silent Hill 3 – Robbie the Rabbit (JPN)*
337Twin Victim Model Kit (JPN)*
338Figma Bubble Head Nurse Figure (JPN)*


Print Ads/Flyers/Stands

354Silent Hill Magazine Advertisement (US)
355Silent Hill Magazine 2-Page Advertisement (JPN)
356Silent Hill Magazine 2-Page Advertisement Ver 2 (JPN)*
357Silent Hill Postcard (DE)
358Silent Hill: Play Novel POP Game Stand (JPN)
359Silent Hill 2 Magazine 2-Page Advertisement (US)
360Silent Hill 3 Product Sheet
361Silent Hill 3 Magazine 2-Page Advertisement (US)
362Silent Hill 3 Postcard (DE)
363Silent Hill 3 e3 Postcard (US)
364Silent Hill 4: The Room 2-Page Advertisement (US)
365Silent Hill (2006) Postcard (JPN)
366Silent Hill (2006) Chirashi Ver A (JPN)
367Silent Hill (2006) Chirashi Ver B (JPN)
368Silent Hill (2006) 7·8 Roadshow Official Guidebook (JPN)
369Silent Hill (2006) 7·8 Roadshow Program*
370Silent Hill: The Arcade Product Sheet (EU)
371Silent Hill: Homecoming Magazine Advertisement (US)
372Silent Hill: Homecoming Magazine 2-Page Advertisement (US)
373Silent Hill: Shattered Memories – Tokyo Game Show ’09 Flyer (JPN)
374Silent Hill: Shattered Memories – Tokyo Game Show ’09 Postcard (JPN)
375Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Magazine Advertisement (US)
376Silent Hill: Downpour and Silent Hill HD Collection Magazine Advertisement (EU)*
377Silent Hill: Downpour Gamestop Big Pre-order Box (US)
378Silent Hill: Downpour Postcard Holder (MX)
379Silent Hill: Downpour Postcard (MX)
380Silent Hill Revelation Chirashi Ver A (JPN)
381Silent Hill Revelation Chirashi Ver B (JPN)
382Silent Hill Revelation Chirashi Ver C (Gackt) (JPN)
383Fan Movie Silent Hill Prelude Event Postcard (US)
384Takasago Silent Hill Pachislot machine catalog*


385Konami Style Silent Hill 2 Nurse Shirt (EU)
386Silent Hill “Lakeside Amusement Park” Wristband (DE)
387Silent Hill "Welcome to Silent Hill" Wristband (DE)
388Gamereactor Silent Hill 3 Promo Shirt (EU)*
389Konami Style Silent Hill 4: The Room Shirt (EU)
390Silent Hill (2006) Promo Shirt (US)
391Silent Hill Homecoming Promo Shirt (EU)
392GE Animation Silent Hill: Homecoming Boogeyman Military Hat (US)
393GE Animation Silent Hill Homecoming Save Point Belt Buckle (US)
394Silent Hill Heather Shirt (US)*
395Silent Hill Logo Shirt (US)*
396Silent Hill Blue Robbie Shirt (US)*
397Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Shirt (EU)
398Silent Hill: Downpour Konami E-3 2011 Staff Shirt (US)
399Welcome to Toluca Lake Shirt (EU)
400Silent Hill Downpour Shirt (AU)
401Halloween Horror Nights 2012 Silent Hill Shirt (US)
402Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Nurse Promo Shirt (US)
403Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Robbie Promo Shirt (US)
404Silent Hill: Revelation 3D UK Promo Shirt (US)
405Gecco “Call of Silent Hill” Shirt White (JPN)
406Gecco “Call of Silent Hill” Shirt Heather Gray (JPN)
407Gecco “Red Pyramid Thing” Shirt White (JPN)
408Gecco “Red Pyramid Thing” Shirt Black (JPN)
409Gecco “Victim 07 + 08" Shirt Heather Gray (JPN)
410Gecco “Victim 07 + 08" Shirt White (JPN)
411Gecco “Robbie” Shirt Mamegorai Exclusive (JPN)
412Insertcoin “Sunderland Jacket” (UK)
413Insertcoin “Silent Hill Historical Society” Tee (UK)
414Insertcoin “Silent Hill Radio Repairs” Tee (UK)
415Insertcoin “Lakeview Hotel” Tee (UK)
416Fan Made Seal of Metatron Necklace (US)
417Fan made Custom Robbie Shirt A (US)
418Fan made Custom Robbie Shirt B (US)
419Fan Movie Silent Hill Prelude T-Shirt (US)
420May 2015 Horror Block "Death is No Escape" Female Tee (US)*
421GE Animation Silent Hill: Homecoming Boogeyman Shirt (US)*
422Robbie Lakeside Amusement Park Shirt (Fan made) – Pink (US)*
423Robbie Lakeside Amusement Park Shirt (Fan made) – Blue (US)*
424Silent Hill Live Concert Shirt (EU)*

Odds and Ends

425Akira Yamaoka Business Card
426Konami Silent Hill "Menko Stadium" Cards (JPN)
427Fan Made Alessa Gillespie and Mary Sunderland Photo Replicas (US)
428Fan Made Silent Hill Brochure + Calendar + Map
429Fan Made Silent Hill Charms (US)
430Fan Made Silent Hill Keychains + Magnet (US)
431Fan Made Silent Hill 2 NES (US)
432Fan Made Silent Hill 2 Mousepad (EU)
433Maria Fan Art Print (EU)
434Fan Made Stickers and Earrings (US)
435GE Animation Silent Hill 3 Robbie Messenger Bag (US)
436GE Animation Silent Hill 3 Robbie Keychain (US) (Sealed)*
437GE Animation Silent Hill Homecoming Nurse and Boogeyman Messenger Bag (US)
438GE Animation Silent Hill: Tourist Mug (US)
439GE Animation Silent Hill: Homecoming Wallet (US)*
440GE Animation Silent Hill: Homecoming Stickers (US) (Sealed)
441GE Animation Silent Hill: Homecoming Robbie Towel (US) (Sealed)
442GE Animation Silent Hill: Homecoming Playing Cards (US) (Sealed)
443GE Animation Silent Hill: Homecoming Nurse Keychain (US) (Sealed)
444GE Animation Silent Hill: Homecoming Order Symbol Keychain (US) (Sealed)*
445GE Animation Silent Hill: Homecoming Magnets (US) (Sealed)
446Gecco/Toymunkey Red Pyramid Thing iPhone 5 Case (US) (Sealed)
447Gecco/Toymunkey Bubble Head Nurse iPhone 5 Case (US) (Sealed)
448Halo of the Sun Keyring (DE) (Sealed)
449Konami 2003 Hero Cards (EU) (Sealed)
450Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Autographed Photo (Signed)
451Redbubble Silent Hill Stickers (US)
452Silent Hill (2006) Welcome Sign Film Cell (US)
453Silent Hill (2006) Ticket Stub (US)
454Sinister Pointe Silent Hill Maze – Tickets (US)
455Sinister Pointe Silent Hill Maze – Postcard (US)
456Sinister Pointe Silent Hill Maze – Souvenir Photo (US)
457Comic Con 2012 Book of Memories Photo (US)
458Halloween Horror Nights Front of Line Pass for Silent Hill (US)
459Silent Hill Revelation 3D Ticket Stub (US)
460Silent Hill Revelation 3D Premiere Ticket Stub and Parking Pass (US)
461Silent Hill Revelation 3D Ticket Stub (JPN)*
462Takara Tomy A.R.T.S Silent Hill 3 Robbie the Rabbit Keychain – Pink (no weapon)*
463Takara Tomy A.R.T.S Silent Hill 3 Robbie the Rabbit Keychain – Pink (Pipe)*
464Takara Tomy A.R.T.S Silent Hill 3 Robbie the Rabbit Keychain – Pink (Chainsaw)*
465Takara Tomy A.R.T.S Silent Hill 3 Robbie the Rabbit Keychain – Blue (no weapon)*
466Takara Tomy A.R.T.S Silent Hill 3 Robbie the Rabbit Keychain – Blue (Pipe)*
467Takara Tomy A.R.T.S Silent Hill 3 Robbie the Rabbit Keychain – Blue (Chainsaw)*

467 Items Total
(As of June 20, 2016)