Collection in 2015

(400+ Items) – Finally took a new group shot of my entire collection! Unfortunately I don’t have the space to spread everything out so a lot of things like my guides, games and comics were left in piles for the photos. I moved everything out of my dining area and set up temporary shelving to take these shots. It’s a shame it all had to come down since it took so long to set everything out… but I really needed my dining table out of my living room! I hope to one day have a spare room so I can leave everything set out and not stowed away.

Some of the biggest scores for my collection thus far has got to be the screen used Drawing Block and Silent Hill Tourist Map props from the 2006 movie, completing my collection of US single issue Silent Hill comics, as well obtaining original comic art from Silent Hill Downpour Anne’s Story comic series!

Collection in 2013

(300+ Items) – Shots from my set up from my December 2013 collection video. It was shortly after I made that video that I applied for a Guinness World Record in January 2014. My suggestion for a “Largest Silent Hill Collection” category was denied at first but later that summer Guinness surprisingly took a interest in the category and my record was made official! 🙂

Besides the record I would say some big collection highlights were obtaining a sealed Japanese Silent Hill soundtrack, screen used Robbie the Rabbit props and a recast of the Seal of Metatron prop from the 2012 Silent Hill Revelation 3D movie as well as obtaining all the Japanese Silent Hill strategy guides.

Collection in 2011

(100+ Items) – These are photos from my set up for my 2011 collection video that was shared by Konami and sites like Kotaku! At over 100 items at this point my collection was quickly growing and I had no plans for stopping! I started adding more Japanese merchandise to my collection with one of my big finds being my Silent Hill Japanese Store Cloth Banner.

Collection in 2009

(~70 Items) – This was when I took my collecting took it up a notch! A lot of really cool and rare items were popping on ebay around this time and some of my big finds up to this point were my statues and the Silent Hill 2 promo radio!

Collection in 2007

(30 Items) – I didn’t really have much at this time but hey we all had to start somewhere! I was a huge fan of the series since 1999 but until this point I had only been able to find games, guides and bootleg soundtracks. I didn’t even realize there was more merchandise to be had until 2004 when I purchased an Official James/Nurse Statue off ebay!