Character with Past Life and Silent Hill 8 connection Revealed?

Posted By: Whitney   October 13th, 2010 | 2:35 pm

This is a re-post of my HD article :)

The awesome Tom Waltz gave us a sneak peek at the the upcoming Silent Hill Past Life issue #1! If you are interested in seeing who we believe is the connecting character between the game and the comic read more after the jump!

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IT’S MR. MUMBLES! The postman from the Silent Hill 8 E3 2010 trailer. Well…that’s not really his name but we sure couldn’t tell what he was saying in his breif cameo could you?

(Well actually a little crow told us he says: “I’m partial to something a lot less rusty myself”)

“Mumbles,” whose given name is actually Howard Blackwood, runs into Jebediah and his wife who are on route to Silent Hill. The two are wary when they see his approach but as it turns out there was no need. Howard, despite being a African American, is the Silent Hill postmaster… which is a surprise! It’s not that long after the Civil War and back then it was unheard of that a black man would be given such a title. From the E3 trailer trailer it looks like Howard is still Postmaster when he runs into Murphy.

Now it’s time for another surprise, does the name Blackwood seem familar? It should! It’s also one of the new Silent Hill street names featured in the trailer. You can spot a crow sitting on the stree sign at around 1:28!

So it seems Mr. Blackwood could be more then he seems and maybe a promident character in the history of the town. We best keep our eyes on him.

Silent Hill fans don’t forget to pick up a copy of Silent Hill Past Life when it debuts later this month!

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