Questions for SH Wikia PC Interview?

Posted By: Whitney   February 24th, 2013 | 10:45 pm

Hi guys!

For my next Voices in the Static podcast this March I will be talking with Silent Hill Wikia admins AlexShepherd (Alex) and Canieattacos (Emmy).

Since the SH Wikia is a popular and a big name Silent Hill site (I’m pretty thrilled to talk with them myself) I thought I might reach out and see if there’s any burning questions ya’ll might have! Let me know in the comments and I will make sure to include your questions in my interview!

6 responses to “Questions for SH Wikia PC Interview?”

  1. avatar Bryant says:

    Hi there! My question is:
    What is the most controversial article?
    And follow question: When was it finally decided that Silent Hill is located in the state of Maine?


  2. avatar Bryant says:

    Oh! And favorite Mary Elizabeth McGlynn song?

  3. avatar Filker says:

    You’ll possibly be touching on this in the podcast, anyway, but:

    How do you negotiate the different theories and disagreements between the various factions of the Silent Hill fandom? Do you ever have problems not taking ‘sides’?

  4. avatar Milo says:

    Have You heard any rumors about KONAMI team firing the people that worked on Book of Memories and the Origins ? And what do You personally expect from a sequel, as on the Wikia we are “denied” of Your personal reflections ( on the franchise products and it’s qualities ) ?

  5. avatar Brady says:

    With the rumors of Hideo Kojima making a SH game, what implications will this have on the lore of SH, and what is the likelihood of MGS easter eggs? Also, would MSG easter eggs be a bad thing?

  6. avatar Dennis says:

    Alessa turned the city into what it is today because she regained her abilities as soon as Cheryl came close enough range to Alessa. What I don’t understand is, why is the city still go into this “otherworld” from time-to-time? Alessa and Cheryl came to one and eventually became another baby at the end of Silent Hill one. So shouldn’t that have stopped everything because it was originally being controlled by Alessa?