Voices in the Static #9 – Silent Hill Revelation 3D Interviews

Posted By: Whitney   October 13th, 2012 | 1:44 pm

In this very special ninth episode to gear up for the October 26 release of the highly anticipated Silent Hill Revelation 3D. During the podcast I interview the film’s director Michael J. Bassett, and its two stars Adelaide Clemens and Kit Harington during Revelation’s New York Comic Con promotion.

I want to give a big thanks to the crew for taking time out of their busy schedules to speak so candidly with me. It was a real honor and I hope you all enjoy :)

Show Details:

Host: Whitney (contact@shshatteredmemories.com)
Special Guests: Adelaide Clemens, Kit Harington and Michael J. Bassett
Recorded: October 13, 2012
Duration: 00:45:55
File Size: 42MB
Format: MP3

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Intro: Cheryl on Silent Hill Town Center Televisions (Silent Hill), “True” Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill 2)
Credits: “She” – Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill)

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7 Responses to “Voices in the Static #9 – Silent Hill Revelation 3D Interviews”

  1. avatar Danyel says:

    Whitney I really love your site. Coming home from a crappy day at work and hearing you interview cast & crew while I am eating is such a stress reliever. Thanks for being AWESOME! <3

  2. avatar Trystan says:

    I’ve been following this website since the beginning, and seriously, you are amazing.
    Everything you do is nice, the interview you make are interesting, the site is beautiful, the news are amazing… damn, this is by far my favorite Silent Hill website! :)

  3. avatar Jan Chavis says:

    Loved the interviews! Awesome :)

  4. avatar Ahmad S. Al-Hamily says:

    Waaaay to go Whitney wooohoooo!

  5. avatar Valtiel says:

    Oh good lord Kit doesn’t know shit about Vincent at all. Isn’t anyone else bothered that the main people in this movie haven’t even played the games nor have any interest in doing so? They don’t know who their characters are (to a point). I wonder why Basset chose to hire people who don’t know what they’re playing.

  6. avatar Mike says:

    Being a big fan of the whole silent hill series since i was 9, i am very disappointed in both of the films. This sequel will be even worse than the previous obviously. just by hearing the name of the film makes me not want to go and see it at all. As usual, They have made a mockery of the plot and turning the movie into another hollywood #hitty horror film. Do these directors even watch some of the video game play? The characters are all misplaced in the movie (judging by the preview.) And this Kit Harrington, who i hope is not playing the actual Vincent in the game (who is a lot older and has a completely different personality). I could go on an on but whatever. I just think we need to give the series more of a physiological horror aspect and more tasteful with better actors.Sean Bean Is the only half way decent actor in this film. but thats never gonna happen because people like this typical in you face CGI, 3-D, in your face #ullshit.

  7. avatar TheVisceralGuy says:

    Nice interview! It’s amazing how you can get in touch with absolutely anyone related to the series.

    Michael is an interesting guy and seems passionate about the games. I’m sure he’s done a great job with the movie and I’m glad it’s not going to be a gore fest but a movie about atmospheric scares.

    I’m not very fond of Kit Harington, honestly I feel he just played the role for money without really getting in depth with his character.

    Adelaide on the other hand is adorable, she seems so passionate about her role in the movie. Even though she wasn’t really familiar with the series, she still took the time to learn stuff about the games.