Book of Memories Delayed Again? [Update]

Posted By: Whitney   May 14th, 2012 | 10:39 am

So word around the web is that Book of Memories is delay yet again. Still no word from Konami though I hope we will have some official word soon. I would like to point out however that Konami never officially said their would be a May release, it was only the retailers, the company officially only gave a vague Spring 2012 release on their site.

If this new delay rumor is true it is disappointing. I really hope we will get some sort of press release about the delay this time around from Konami. I’m all for delaying a game if it will make it better (lord knows HD Collection and Downpour needed more time for the technical issues!) just be sure to let the fans know! Is that so hard?

I guess if the Amazon estimated release of October 31 is to be believed they might actually try to market this with Silent Hill Revelation…haha what am I saying this is Konami and this isn’t Metal Gear Solid so fat chance of that happening…


Konami has confirmed the delay.

Dear Silent Hill fans,

Due to unfortunate circumstances, the franchise’s debut on the PS Vita, Silent Hill: Book of Memories, has been delayed to October of this year. We deeply apologize for this delay and hope to further update you on the development soon. Thank you for your continued patience.

Source (Silent Hill FB)

3 responses to “Book of Memories Delayed Again? [Update]”

  1. avatar Ahmad S. Al-Hamily says:

    Speaking of not announcing anything. What happened to the patches? Does soon have a different meaning in Konami’s dictionary?

  2. Konami, wake up, don’t delay the game… CANCLLED IT.

  3. avatar Nekroido says:

    Delay is now official.