Silent Hill Fandom: Rage Incarnate

Posted By: Whitney   April 8th, 2012 | 8:05 pm

Another video by Levito! I think every fan should watch :) Tomm definitely deserves some props since he’s such a nice guy, saved Silent Hill Homecoming, and is willing to talk to fans like you and me!

6 responses to “Silent Hill Fandom: Rage Incarnate”

  1. avatar Ben says:

    Every Silent Hill fan needs to watch this. Tomm gets so much unwarranted hate that it’s ridiculous. If you don’t like the newer games, fine, but nobody deserves death threats and personal abuse, especially someone who’s still so willing to engage with the fanbase.

  2. avatar Spenser says:

    Yes, Tomm is a godsend to the series, among some others that have worked on the recent games. Really, have the newer games been as bad as some people make them out to be? I think not. Thanks for sharing!

  3. avatar Ross Ingram says:

    Great video.

    I’m one of the reasonable fans. The only problems I encountered in HD Collection so far (finished 2 at Brookehaven in 3). Missing fog at the park scene – Not that bad. Water looked fine getting into the boat, but massive circles like the video getting out – Still not that bad. Sound being slightly out of sync in some scenes – Really bad at the Eddie boss fight, BANG, 3 seconds later he pulls the trigger. Some slow down in areas – not that bad either. Overall the games look and play pretty much how I remember them so I’m happy. Just a bit dissappointed in some areas.

  4. avatar Ctriunfo says:

    Other than Homecoming, which to me is an irredeemable piece of garbage that to me doesn’t exist, I’ve found something to like in all other SH games. I think Downpour is an amazing game, one of the best since SH2… They just really need to patch up the technical issues it has, but I love it.

  5. avatar Tom Waltz says:

    HA! Love it!

    Tom Waltz