WARNING! HD Collection Has A Lot of Tech Issues! [UPDATE]

Posted By: Whitney   March 21st, 2012 | 2:26 am

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This title really should have been delayed again. Fans with both PS3 and Xbox 360 copies are reporting both frame rate issues and audio problems though from the reports on NeoGAF PS3 owners unfortunately seem to have the bulk of these issues:

brandonh83 on NeoGAF

oh my fuckin god

SH2 is completely unplayable

-freezing to the point of having to restart the game
-framerate is all over the place
-lip syncing is off in cutscenes
-music audibly stops and re-starts during cutscenes
I make James run and without changing what I’m doing, he will walk, go back to running, walk, etc.


Is it my system? I’ve been playing other games today with no problems whatsoever.


Luckily it looks like this won’t be a problem for long as Tomm Hulett responded on NeoGAF that a PS3 patch was on the way shortly:

Don’t panic – PS3 being patched shortly.
I’m upset too guys.

The patch fixes the synch/framerate/sound issues in the PS3 version. If you don’t like the arranged music, turning off 5.1 should revert to classic (regardless of Voice selection).

Patch should be up shortly–sorry I don’t have an exact date. But it’ll be days/week as opposed to months.

Try not to enjoy RE too much in the meantime : /

(This post is the opinion of Tomm personally and does not reflect Konami or its partners)

EDIT:(issues won’t be present in EU release)


As for me I’ve only played through the Xbox 360 version of Silent Hill 2 HD and I’ve noticed annoying problems with the game’s audio and some glaring texture errors too. The music, the radio, and James’ heavy breathing after running (oh God he sounds like he’s mechanical D: it’s awful!) is not looping properly. I’ve also noticed missing sounds (like the fog horn going under SHHS) and some sounds are way too loud like Eddie’s running in the meat locker. Even some of the songs sounded wrong/incomplete to me, for example the “Heaven’s Night” track sounded like it was missing a few notes. I’ll have to listen again when I’m less tired maybe I’m remembering the song incorrectly…but it sounded off. (It was like that in the original I was tired)

I was also pretty sad to see that the roads in Silent Hill 2 looked way too clean but I would have been able to overlook this bad texture choice if it wasn’t for the previously mentioned glaring audio issues along with the missing fog in the conversation with Maria by the the lake and the awful, AWFUL looking water while crossing Lake Toluca! Also…what’s with the FMV? It doesn’t look HD at all. They are blurry and thanks to the grain filter over them they look even more low res. They looked better on my PS2. :(

Luckily, I dd not have the shuddering and frame rate issues like those with PS3s but I haven’t played through Silent Hill 3 yet. I’ll let you guys know if I have any problems in that department with that game.

I really hope there is a Xbox patch too.

I have to be honest guys, this collection so far is a disappointment for me. I had very high hopes with what I saw back in September and it breaks my heart it’s so broken in certain areas. A lot of the visuals are very good though (outside of the too clean road!), and it still is a big step up in clarity from the PS2. A lot of the hidden details really do pop in this version….ugh I just wish the audio wasn’t so funky!

Have any of you guys encountered similar problems? How IGN could have given this a 9/10 I have no idea. I don’t think they played it.

UPDATE-Konami released a patch for PS3

20 Responses to “WARNING! HD Collection Has A Lot of Tech Issues! [UPDATE]”

  1. avatar Dmak says:

    Thanks for posting this article! I really do hope that Konami releases a patch for the Xbox 360 as well. Playing thru Silent Hill 3 HD was a nightmare, there was MASSIVE audio sync problems and the framerate drops were terrible and it froze once on me forcing me to restart my entire system. The PS3 problems are NOT limited to just the PS3. PLEASE Konami make this patch for the Xbox 360 cause it is NOT fine.

  2. avatar danny says:

    luckily these issues wont be present in the eu versions of the game as i live in the uk this is good news

  3. avatar merzitar says:

    Yeah, they need to release a patch for the Xbox 360 version, too… it’s unfair to give a PS3 patch only. Yeah, so these issues should be fixed in the EU version… I’m glad we have to wait now then lol. I also noticed the missing fog in the Maria Cutscene when looking online, so I do hope they fix that as well. And hey, why have they changed the beginning really creepy sound effect on the Silent Hill 3 intro? Where it shows Valtiel? Oh yeah, and speaking of intros, could you tell me if the original intro to Silent Hill 2 is still present? (Theme of Laura)

  4. avatar TC says:

    Whitney … it’s good for any person to be honest with him/her self , and thank you for noting these problems

  5. avatar Augophthalmoses says:

    You should provide some info on how SH3 plays when you have the chance.

  6. avatar merzitar says:

    Actually, I just realised that Tomm only mentioned that the EU PS3 version won’t have the bugs… I HOPE THE XBOX 360 ONE WILL BE FIXED, TOO!!

  7. avatar required says:

    What a surprise.[/sarcasm]

    Have you seen how Downpuor runs on the PS3? Hint: it has the worst performance in a console game I’ve seen in a long, long time. It literally does not run smooth for even three seconds. Not exaggerating and it has even more issues than just stuttering.

    This is the amount of attention and care SH gets nowadays from Konami and is employees. Or remember the PC version of Homecoming. (Iirc, they didn’t even release the game in Japan, the place where the series originally came from!)

    To think the series used to be the top of the tops even technically … so sad and so uncalled for.

    “Don’t panic – PS3 being patched shortly.

    Oh yeah? How about you make sure s*** is working before it gets released? Downpour should never have been released in its current state and to hear the HD collection is glitched and bugged as well is an outrage. Nice way of “introducing a whole new generation of gamers to these classics”.

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  9. avatar Aaron Reason says:

    It has been patched. The patch came out today, so its not an issue now

  10. avatar Whitney says:

    @Aaron still no patch for Xbox though so it’s still a problem for me :/

  11. avatar Joey says:

    @Aaron 360 version has serious audio bugs…

  12. avatar ccrogers15 says:

    sorry to say, but everyone has proven the patch did not work. As usual, tomm did damage control. Typical.

  13. avatar Brandon says:

    Heh, if I knew my post would be “making the rounds” I wouldn’t have made it so “over the top.” The issues (before patch) simply caught me off guard and after paying $40 for a couple of decade-old titles, I was pretty upset by the performance. I ended up swapping it for the 360 version, but I’m pleased that they’re doing something about it post-haste. I do wish that they would have made the information public before the release date as they were clearly well-aware of it.

  14. avatar ccrogers15 says:

    The patch did not help. It really really didn’t.

  15. avatar Whitney says:

    @Brandon hehe well everyone totally understood your pain, I’m glad you made the post because it brought the PS3 issues to my attention :)

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  18. avatar Dena says:

    The patch didn’t fix the stutter. Fog effects still missing and SH3 dubbing is so sloppy and atrocious it has to be heard to be believed. Where is the original voice option?