Konami Releases HD Collection PS3 Patch [UPDATE]

Posted By: Whitney   March 21st, 2012 | 4:21 pm

Konami tweeted this afternoon that a patch (over 200mb apparently) was released for the PS3 version of the HD Collection. Hopefully this patch will fix the major issues with the and we will see an Xbox patch soon too!

We’re aware of the issues w/ #SilentHill HD Collection for PS3. The patch has been deployed & now avail on PSN. Sorry for any inconvenience.

UPDATE – I’m hearing from PS3 fans that this patch really didn’t fix anything :( What the Hell Konami?!

Source (Konami Twitter)

21 responses to “Konami Releases HD Collection PS3 Patch [UPDATE]”

  1. avatar Dmak says:

    I hope your right but according to the Official Silent Hill FB page these issues don’t affect the xbox version even thou they do. I think we need someone to get into contact with them to let them no that the Xbox version has problems. Because apparently they are not aware that there are any.

  2. avatar Joey says:

    I’m having the same issues on the 360 as well. The music tracks not over-lapping is killing my brain!!! Where is the best place to contact them about it? I reeeally hope the 360 patch is already is the works…

  3. avatar Joey says:

    *in the works.

  4. avatar Ryan says:

    Enjoy your site, Whitney! :) First off, I’m hoping this isn’t the patch Tomm Hulett was talking about that he supposedly posted on neogaf.com Forums and is posted on Examiner.com‎ and other news sites. Since you and CJ did an interview with him, hopefully he see that this 1.01 patch hasn’t really fixed anything prior to it. The frame rate issues are still present and in new places with patch. I also have the PS3 version of Downpour, frame rate issues there as well. I’ve been posting on GameFAQs, hearing others issues and we’re choosing to give an email to Konami. They replied with questions, I answered. They’re now forwarding my information for further investigation. I’m not sure what is going to happen with either Downpour or HD Collection. Hoping the conclusion is not fixing what can be fixed.

  5. avatar jason says:

    Apparently the patch didn’t fix anything and even removed one of the scenes with pyramid head and a mannequin.

  6. avatar Alchemist says:

    I cancelled my Order. I was really excited for this, but all of the technical issues and even removing things, makes my excitement really calm down. Seriously Konami, “You just hit a new low”

  7. avatar Aaron Reason says:

    My copy works fine, I feel very bad for the peoples who copy doesn’t work. I am truly sorry.

  8. avatar afrancio says:

    I still notice some slowdown despite the patch. I also noticed some weird audio bugs during the final scene with Maria and Ernest Baldwin with the original voices.

  9. avatar xHiddenTruthx says:

    Now we need the lag issues fixed in Downpour :-\

  10. avatar Junior says:

    Amazon has put this item under review. Trust me. Me and at least 10 other buddies reported the problem to Amazon.

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  12. avatar Whitney says:

    @Ryan I’m hoping all the people contacting them helps!

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  17. avatar trisha says:

    My copy has a terrible glitch. After removing all of the locks from the box in the hospital (in silent hill 2), the box will not open. So I cannot get the hair and make any further progress.

  18. avatar MikeSunderland says:

    I just want a downpour frame rate jitter fix… for the love of god.. such a fantastic silent hill… and im TORN from the experience by the frame jitters..

  19. avatar Whitney says:

    @Mike they are working on a Downpour patch.

  20. avatar fernando says:

    still without working!!!