Downpour Review Round Up

Posted By: Whitney   March 11th, 2012 | 9:37 pm

Well the embargo for Downpour has lifted and the reviews are rolling it! Here are just some of the reviews I found so far and as I find more I will continue to update this post!

March 11, 2012

· 7/10: Australian PlayStation Magazine (PS3)
· 7/10: Game Informer (Xbox 360)
· 9/10:
Rely on Horror (Xbox 360)
· 8/10: Destructoid (PS3)
· 9/10: Golden 4 Games (PS3) (bad English Translation, original here)
· 4.5/10: IGN Written | Video Review (PS3)
· 7.5/10: Gamespot Written | Video Review (PS3)

March 12, 2012

· 6.5/10: Inside Gaming Daily (PS3)
· 7/10: Gamesradar
· 7.5/10: Official Xbox Magazine (Xbox 360)
· 3.5/5 Bleeding Cool

March 13, 2012

· 7/10: The Controller Online (Xbox 360)
· 3.5/5: Joystiq
· 2.5/5 G4tv (PS3)
· 7/10: Just Push Start (Xbox 360)
· 4/5: IRB Gamer (Xbox 360)
· 5/10: Gaming Squid
· 3.5/5: CNET (PS3)

March 14, 2012

· 4.2/5: Cheat Code Central
· B: Gameshark
· B-: Cheap Boss Attack
· 8.5/10: Nintendo Enthusiast
· 3.5/5: Dread Central

20 responses to “Downpour Review Round Up”

  1. avatar Ahmad S. Al-Hamily says:

    Looooool Whitney the Golden games was an Arabic magazine never knew about it. For sharing that too

  2. The reviews are relatively positive. IGN’s bad review sticks like a sore thumb. So far, Downpour is very well received.

  3. avatar Alex says:

    IGN’s reviews are bullshit like always, so I’m not even counting it. I watched the video review and it’s just insane – a bigger focus on combat? The heck? And “lack of detail in the enviornments” is just absurd by just watching the video. Sure, the game’s not Crysis 2, but it doesn’t have to be. But what makes me laugh is that this game got a lower score from IGN than Homecoming. Just wow.

  4. avatar Joseph says:

    When one review conflicts with all the other reviews then there might be a problem with the reviewer and not the game

  5. avatar Ross Ingram says:

    Looking good in the review department so far.

    @Joseph I agree.

  6. avatar Ross Ingram says:

    Check this review out. I’ve not watched all of it, but within the first minute I wanted to hit this guy.

  7. avatar luke says:

    there are walkthroughs already up on youtube btw dont want to spoil it but cant help :/

  8. avatar dedncide says:

    I think IGN has lost alot of cred in past few years… the score is usually depending on how much free merch and money they get in their office from the publisher. They cant get their mouths off EAs dick long enough to review any other games properly.

  9. avatar silenthillOG says:

    looks like that IGN 4.5 score is pulling the average down. lame asses.

  10. avatar Ahmad S. Al-Hamily says:

    Lemme tell you guys. Play the game and IGN is wrong dead wrong and I mean it.

  11. avatar silenthillOG says:

    I am definitely going to play it. From what I have seen so far it looks awesome. I just think IGN’s view is kinda ridiculous. they are so low compared to the other’s it makes me think the guy had it out for the game before it even came out.

  12. avatar Benjamin May says:

    @Ross Ingram – He must’ve been having a joke, or just trolling. I really hope that was the case because I simply cannit comprehend how somebody can really be that clueless. If he hasn’t played any of the previous Silent Hill games, rhen you’d think he’d have done a bit of research.

    For the sake of my own sanity, I’m just going to assume he was just having a laugh.

  13. avatar Zilfer says:

    Heh, he says its lower than previous titles which were bad…. IGN gave Homecoming an 8? Yet says this is just “as bad” wouldn’t that mean it’d be somewhere up there around the 8 field not way down at 4.5. Yeah I don’t think that guy know’s what he’s talking about or what the game was shooting for. Just my oppinion.

  14. avatar afrancio says:

    IGN lost most of their good reviewers over the past few years. Now they just seem out of touch with a series like Silent Hill. I watched a walkthrough of this game on Youtube and it really looks good so far.

  15. avatar Tom says:

    Hope you’ll make a review soon as well :)

  16. avatar Ahmad S. Al-Hamily says:

    I second Tom. Do a review of the game 😀

  17. avatar Whitney says:

    I hope to do a review guys :) also Mark thanks for the two other reviews!

  18. avatar Paul says:

    I really wish they would be a little more careful with spoilers in their reviews.

  19. avatar Tom says:

    Good to see how good Downpour is rated :)