Voices in the Static #1 – An Introduction and March…the Month of Silent Hill

Posted By: Whitney   January 13th, 2012 | 12:14 pm

So I’ve decided to start my very own podcast here on the Silent Hill Historical Society! With this podcast I will give the rundown of the latest Silent Hill news, general site updates and my thoughts on the series. I’m hoping to make this a bi-weekly podcast if there’s enough news…if not at least once a month!

In this first episode I make my introductions and discuss the plethora of news received just over the past 2 weeks: My Downpour and Book of Memories Preview, the new HD trailer and screens, the confirmation of release dates and even some Revelation updates from Michael J Bassett.

I hope you all enjoy :)

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Host: Whitney (contact@shshatteredmemories.com)
Recorded: January 12, 2012
Duration: 00:37:09
File Size: 36MB
Format: MP3

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Intro: Cheryl on Silent Hill Town Center Televisions (Silent Hill), “True” Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill 2)
Credits: “She” – Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill)

Things Mentioned

· I’m an avid Silent Hill collector…

· Silent Hill Experienced Podcast
· Rely on Horror Podcast: Whispers in the Dark
· Michael J Bassetts Official Blog is Staying Open and a lil Revelation News too!
· New Silent Hill Revelation Fan Set Photos Reveal Memory of Alessa?
· SH3 Memory of Alessa Making an Appearance in Silent Hill Revelation?
· Australia Is Getting Some Sweet Downpour Preorder Bonuses!
· December 2011 Preview: Hands on with Downpour and Book of Memories

· Games Radar Silent Hill: Downpour – a guided video tour through the new town of Silent Hill
· IGN’s Hands on Preview – A Storm is Coming in Silent Hill: Downpour
· Cage of Cradle…Lisa’s big boobs
· 1UP Plays: Silent Hill 2 in Silent Hill HD Collection
· Games Radar: Silent Hill HD Collection – SH3 walkthrough with developer commentary
· Check Out the New Silent Hill HD Collection Screens!
· Heather and James Costumes on Playstation Home
· New Release Dates for Downpour, HD Collection and Book of Memories
· Silent Hill HD Collection Official Trailer

· Sooo we made a Silent Hill the Movie Fan Commentary…
· Descent into the Otherworld – A Spotlight on the Silent Hill Fandom, #7 The Gentleman
· Check this out! A Hand Made Stanley Stalker Journal…for me

7 responses to “Voices in the Static #1 – An Introduction and March…the Month of Silent Hill”

  1. avatar merzitar says:

    That was a great podcast! It was really interesting to hear some of your thoughts regarding the new releases. Your comments on Downpour make me gain some more faith in the Silent Hill franchise.

    As you may or may not know I cannot stand Homecoming but I won’t go into that right now. Basically, Homecoming made me lose all respect for new releases of Silent Hill (it would never make me hate the original masterpieces) but now that I have seen lots of new things on Downpour and heard what you think about it, I am really excited. It really looks like it’s going to be worth a play. I’ll probably buy it on day of release but I doubt I’ll get around to playing it then because I’ll be too busy with other games.

    I would also like to say this to everyone: NEVER listen to IGN. They don’t understand games and are really ignorant towards anything that doesn’t have Call of Duty or Halo in the title. From everything I have seen I can instantly tell that Downpour is anything but linear. Perhaps a dictionary would be useful?

    Now I come to my favourite recent tile; Silent Hill HD Collection. The changes are stunning – it’s amazing how much better it looks. I tried to make a comparison photograph… it didn’t work out properly but I could still get a sense of the changes. It blew me away, the clarity and lighting was just… I think the only word to describe it is “WOW!!!”. What do I think Heather’s new voice? I love it, actually! Even though I love Morris’ performance, I still think the new actress really gives a lot of emotion. I still don’t like Mary/Maria’s new voice, I’m afraid. It just… seems way too seductive. There’s only one problem the HD Collection has, and that is the flashlight glowing through Heather’s model in-game and cut-scenes. It’s not the end of the world, but I am very worried that it may distract me from the game and make it seem incomplete. I noticed it on the video walkthrough and thought that it might just be an old build, but now that it was seen on the trailer makes me worry that it will be included on the final build. Do you know what’s going to happen, Whitney? It would be a shame if it stayed, but hey, I don’t care if it does because I’m still dying to play these games again. You can see the difference; I don’t care what anybody says. Plus I’m really eager to earn achievements.

    I also love the look of your collection! Sadly, I only have Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 3, Silent Hill 4: The Room, and a pirated OST to Silent Hill (I didn’t know at the time).

    Final comments. . .
    I can’t wait to play the HD Collection – in fact I think that is the game I am most looking forward to this year. Right now we have three different UK release dates, but at least none of them are four months after the NA release (I’m talking to you, MGS HD!). Downpour is sounding and looking rather fantastic and I’m looking forward to playing that. Even if I don’t enjoy it much, I don’t think I’ll hate it and I can respect the fact that Pyramid Head won’t be in it.

    Thanks for the podcast, I’ll look forward to the next one.
    Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! ^_^

  2. avatar Ahmad S. Al-Hamily says:

    I agree on the IGN angle. Why do they do that?

    Oh yeah, enjoyed the podcast, thanks Whitney.

  3. avatar Ross Ingram says:

    Great podcast.

  4. avatar Andrea says:

    Wonderful Podcast, Whitney! Very informative with news on the new releases, and love to hear about your experiences with Tomm and the rest of Vatra on BoM, HD Collection, and Downpour, as well as hearing your thoughts on the new games. I definitely will keep tuning into ‘Voice in the Static’, and I look forward to the next one in a couple of weeks!

  5. avatar Whitney says:

    Thanks you guys 😀 I’m glad people are liking the podcast idea!

  6. avatar Dalton says:

    Im not liking…Im loving it!